FAQs for the Helper Helper Volunteer Portal
Commonly asked questions about HelperHelper


For questions or more information, please contact volunteers@jesuithighschool.org 

What is Helper Helper?

Helper Helper is our online portal for all Family volunteer hours.  On the site, you have access to sign up for volunteer opportunities across all groups on campus.   You will also be able to track your volunteer hours online.  At the end of the volunteer timeframe, we pull the hours report directly from Helper Helper.  Therefore, ALL hours must be tracked and/or logged on your account in order to avoid a non-completion fee.    

How do I log in to Helper Helper for the first time?

  • Download the app or log on to app.helperhelper.com from a desktop.

  • Click “Need a Password for the First Time?”

  • Enter your primary email address you provided to Jesuit. 

  • Click “Send Password”

  • Follow the prompts on the log-in email

How do I sign up for volunteer opportunities?

  • Once on the site or app, click “Find Opportunities” to see all volunteering opportunities available. 

  • Simply click the opportunity you’re interested in, select the shift you can work, and click “Sign Up.” 

  • A reminder email will be sent to you two days and again two hours prior to your shift with details pertinent details. 

  • You also have the option to add this commitment to your Calendar.  **This is highly recommended so you never miss a shift again!

How do I check in & log my hours online? 

  • When you arrive for your shift, check in with the person you were instructed to report to on-site. 

  • He/she will provide you with a Validation Key Code to validate your hours. 

How do I log my volunteer hours for work on a committee or other opportunities that were not listed on Helper Helper? 

  • Go to your account, and click “Add Past Commitment”.  (Click on the three bars in the upper left-hand corner, “Add a Past Commitment” is then the 6th option down on your screen)  

  • Fill out the necessary information on your duties, time volunteered and the “report to” person who can validate your time.

  • Once the hours are validated by your volunteer leader, your account will be credited the hours.

  • If you have any problems, please contact volunteers@jesuithighschool.org

What happens if I already use HelperHelper at another school?

  • If you use HelperHelper at another site (such as an elementary school), your new opportunities will load into your existing portal — if you use the same email for both.

  • Please note you cannot filter by school.