Heat Monitoring Policy
Keeping students, faculty, athletes, and guests safe

Image of thermometer over 90 degrees with sky and sun in the backgroundImage of the heat index chart

When a high heat advisory has been issued

Jesuit monitors heat carefully throughout the day when temperatures rise. As there are many variables with heat and humidity, we rely on our onsite medical staff and athletic trainers to advise when steps to protect the health and safety of those on the Jesuit Sacramento campus will be necessary.

    Heat Index

    Our on-site Sports Medicine team will monitor outside temperature and surface temperatures of areas including the track, turf, and fields to make the best recommendations for our students, campers, and athletes.  Inside areas with large gatherings will also be monitored to ensure air conditioning and circulation is working efficiently.

    When needed the academic/athletic/event schedule may be adjusted to allow for more indoor activities, shade, hydration, rest, or even cancellation of activity in extreme conditions. 

    How is it monitored?

    On-field readings for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) will be taken daily by the athletic trainer, and the Athletic Department will make adjustments to outdoor activities based on the guidelines below (Cat. 3).