Magis Service Recognition
2019-2020 School Year


Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, former Superior General of the Society of Jesus (“The Jesuits”) said:

“Students, in the course of their formation, must let the gritty reality of this world into their lives, so they can learn to feel it, think about it critically, respond to its suffering and engage it constructively. They should learn to perceive, think, judge, choose and act for the rights of others, especially the disadvantaged and the oppressed. . . .

“[T]he measure of Jesuit [schools] is not what our students do but who they become and the adult Christian responsibility they will exercise in future towards their neighbor and their world. For now, the activities they engage in, even with much good effect, are for their formation. This does not make the [school] a training camp for social activists. Rather, the students need close involvement with the poor and the marginal now, in order to learn about reality and become adults of solidarity in the future.”

The Office of Service and Justice at Jesuit High School recognizes and affirms the good work of the following students, each of whom, even under this year’s unusual circumstances, completed more than twice the amount of service required for his grade level. 

Magis is a Latin word meaning “more” or “greater.” In the world of Ignatian spirituality, the notion of the magis is connected to going deeper in response to experiences of God’s love in our lives. All students can pursue the magis simply through their minimum service requirement.

We recognize here those students who, through the external marker of completing more than twice what is required of them in service, have indicated a deep commitment to and love for their vulnerable neighbors in the Sacramento region and elsewhere. 

Grant Andre

Quinn Austin

Sam Balestreri

Nathan Ballard

Matt Bettencourt

Elijah Beverley

Evan Bird

Jason Bowler

Logan Carter

Johnny Castillon

Kenny Castro

Michael Chambers

Cameron Cleland

Andrew Condrin

Ben Condrin

Carlos Contreras

Lorenzo Cornejo

Zachary Coss

Nicholas Cotsirilos

Macallum Cruz

Caleb Dietz

Will Dominguez

Jack Donelson

Duke Draa

Gavin Emerzian

Ian Evans

Gavino Fanara

Mason Fat

Matthew Ferrara

Ryan Fritz

Zach Halloran

Ben Hewitt

Joshua Howard

Ryan Huggins

Andrew Hurter

Rizwan Hussain

Gavin Joaquin

Máté Kapinya

Logan Karlstad

Joshua Kifer

Braden King

Brayden King

Ian King

Aiden Le

Ryan Lee

John Lindroos

Ryan Loehr

Evan Lopez

Alex Macintyre

Bass Mansour

Landon Marks

John Marks

Aaron Meylink

Jaime Morfin

Allan Nguyen

Zach Ott

Patrick Partington

Lucas Paton

Jonathan Pearson

Jack Pettit

Eliot Pick

Chris Raboy

Ian Rexroad

Francesco Rioni

Joey Ryan

Charles Sander

Diego Sandoval

Matthew Sauls

Antonio Scanzano

Scott Schiller

Zach Schmidt

Aaron Siy

Paul Skarda

David Studer

John Sullivan

Vance Sweatt

Jack Tait

Allen Tovmasyan

Long Truong

Dylan Tsoi

Keaton Van Nieuwburg

Tyler Vargas

Silvio Vielhauer

Peter Wisner