Media Access Request
Access to campus and events for broadcast or print media coverage - including freelancer access. This form is also to be used for all interview and private photo shoot requests.

Pod Elizabeth Sands

For emergency or breaking news please contact the Director of Communications/PIO directly: Elizabeth Sands 530-320-8957.

For sporting event sideline access, campus location access, general event access, media coverage, and planned interviews, please submit a request for each event to Jesuit High School’s Office of Communications at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Please note: Requests to broadcast the play-by-play of an athletic event on TV, radio, or the internet must be submitted no later than one week prior to game day. 

Event photography and videography of Jesuit Sacramento students will be limited to credentialed media and official school photographers with prior authorization. Images of Jesuit High School Sacramento campus, faculty, staff, and students are limited to use and distribution by employees of Jesuit High School for marketing and communications; and for use by credentialed media for journalistic publication and media outlets use unless prior authorization is requested. Resale by independent freelancers is prohibited.

Media representative info
Media organization you are representing

The name of the organization you will be representing

Who to contact to verify your affiliation at the organization

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