Parking Permit Application
Sophomores, juniors, seniors need a parking permit for student lot



Parking permits are $25

Limited availability, order online & pickup 

Now open for sophomores

All students are expected to park on campus and no student parking is allowed on Jacob Lane or in the neighborhood surrounding Jesuit.

All cars parked on campus will need to have a parking pass by 11/06/2020. Anyone parked on campus without a valid parking permit after 11/06 will be ticketed. Once the online purchase is complete, students are asked to pick up their permit in the Dean’s Office.

Our on-campus parking is more limited than normal this year. Therefore, please note that there is a limited supply of parking passes and though we do not anticipate having to actually revoke parking passes, there is a small chance that Sophomore parking passes may be revoked in the 2nd semester. Please carefully review the rules related to parking and driving on the registration page in the Student-Parent Handbook

Permit Registration Page