Semester Grades Now Available
Grades are now available on PowerSchool


Dear Parent(s),

Your son’s 1st semester grades are now final and can be found in PowerSchool To access 1st semester grades, please use these instructions:

Browser Version: Under Navigation, select Grade History and 2021-2022. The final semester grades can be found in the column identified as S1.

Mobile Version: At the bottom of the screen, select Classes. In this version, you will see Grid with all grades first; make sure you scroll to the right and select Term S1 to see your son’s final semester grades.

If you like to request a hard copy of your son’s report card, please complete the Google form.  Please note:  The .pdf version of the emailed report card is the same as the hardcopy.  If you request both, you will just receive the .pdf via email.

Please be sure that you have activated your PowerSchool account or provided your current email address to PowerSchool so that you receive information from the teachers.  If you have not activated your parent account, please contact us for assistance at  

Information regarding calculations of Cumulative GPA’s, Honor’s GPA’s, and Academic Probation can be found in the Student Parent Handbook beginning on page 14. Upper division students can access their cumulative GPAs via their Naviance account.

Thank you,

Colin O’Connor

Assistant Principal for Academics