Summer School Dress Code


Dress Code: Modesty and good decorum should be the guide for each student’s appearance while attending summer school. Students may be sent home for inappropriate dress. A second dress code violation may result in expulsion from Summer School.

1. Personal grooming should be neat and clean at all times. Hair styles

should be modest and non-distracting.

2. Gentlemen are expected to be clean shaven each day (with the

exception of neat moustaches; side burns cannot be below the ears).

3. Ladies are expected to be modest with their make-up, jewelry, and


4. All students must wear appropriately fitting shorts, long pants or capris. For girls: shorts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.  

5. No bare midriffs or plunging necklines are allowed.

6. Undergarments should be concealed at all times.

7. No clothing or accessories with inappropriate symbols or language.

8. No sagging or baggy pants – pants or shorts should be worn at the

natural waistline.