Why Jesuit? FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about attending Jesuit


What does Jesuit offer that other schools don’t?

Jesuit is unique as we are a Catholic/Christian school and we teach these values across the broad spectrum of academic, athletic and other curricular programs. Our Christian Service program helps to develop “Men for Others.” In addition, by attending Jesuit High School you become part of a world wide network of “Jesuit” education! In the U.S. the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) operates 58 high schools, 30 colleges and universities and this network provides each Jesuit High School graduate with the type of “educational credibility” that no other school system can match!

What is it like to be at an all BOYS school?

Most students find that they settle in quickly. The environment is one that encourages our young men to step up to leadership positions in our school community. The guys find that they can focus more on their studies, there is less distraction and the camaraderie or brotherhood is fantastic. Besides, we host dances, most athletic events have a strong social aspect and we have a sister school (St. Francis) that uses our athletic facility and we also share common clubs, drama and music programs.

What if I can’t afford the tuition?

Jesuit is a private school and therefore we do have to charge tuition to cover the cost of educating our students. We have a tuition assistance program to aid those families with a demonstrated financial need. All families are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance. 

Does my family’s ability to pay affect admission?

Absolutely not! The Admissions process is conducted so a student will be considered for admission based on grades, recommendations, and other supplements to the application. The family will then decide if they can afford the cost of tuition based on financial aid or the ability to pay the cost of tuition.

How does my family deal with transportation to and from the school?

Our student population comes from all over the Sacramento Region. Many families provide their own transportation however; one of the Jesuit High School volunteer support programs “Loyola Guild” assists our school by providing a car pool program (as guidelines allow). Distance may be an issue however; the quality of the “Jesuit” experience has proven worthwhile to our families and graduates over the years!

Jesuit is very competitive in sports, will I have a chance to make a team?

Our athletic program is one of the most recognized and competitive in the region. However, Jesuit encourages participation across the broad spectrum of athletic opportunities we offer to our students. We currently have 15 sports, some that are non-cut, and while we are competitive, we emphasize a team approach! If you are truly motivated and want a challenge, you will find your place in our program.

Does Jesuit High School offer any music, theater or art programs?

This is yet another area we shine! Our program is varied and offers students the chance to test their skills and talents in music (Chamber Choir and multiple bands), drama (35 years of excellence) and studio art.