Become a Member of the Boosters


The JHS Boosters Club is on a mission to Boost the Jesuit H.S. community through fun-raising events. To achieve that mission we need your participation & support!

Become even more involved! Members are welcome to attend our meetings and become active members of our Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

President, Christopher & Julie Brown,
Past President, Alan Godlove
School President, John McGarry
Secretary, Julie Sauls
Treasurer, Chuck Snay

Hugo Schmidt
Glenda Goodwin
Terry DeBencik
Kevin Gini
Richard Heagy
Grant Eppler
Mitch Zak
Kevin Wilcox
Ron Sliger
Membership Chair-

School Representatives

Communications, Elizabeth Sands
Athletics Director, Hank Weinberger
Advancement Office Reps, Maureen Longyear, Kim Kalmbach
Alumni Director, Matthew Ramos

Community Activity

Bar Chair, Kevin Gini
Event Staffing, Theresa Parulan
Marketing/Communications, Elizabeth Sands, Pamela Smith
Technology, Hugo Schmidt
Auto Donation Chair,  Richard Heagy
Winter Wonderland Tree Lot, Julie Sauls & Grant Eppler
Coaches Dinner, Kevin Wilcox
Event Liaison
Homecoming Event
Hospitality, Sonya Miller
Spirit Chair, Joyce Pappas
Crab Feed Chair, Terry DeBencik,
Fireworks Booth Chair, Ron Sliger
Holy Bowl Rally, Terry DeBencik