California Scholarship Federation

Post Tristine Zanotto

Moderators: Judi Brown & Tristine Zanotto 

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a state-wide academic honors organization that recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Students may apply to the Jesuit High School chapter of CSF each semester. Academic qualifications apply – see the application and lists for more information about whether you qualify.

Students who have been members of CSF for four of their last five semesters of high school qualify for a lifetime membership.

The applications are taken each semester. Reference the CSF lists to complete the application. You must attach a copy of your previous semester grades and $10 for dues.

Peer Tutoring

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) provides free tutoring to students on a drop in basis. We are available to students Tuesdays through Thursdays at lunch time and after school in the library quiet room. We provide tutoring to all students who are in need. Students come sign in and receive a free tutor for any subject they may need. These tutors usually have had the same teacher, thus providing unique insight into what the teacher wants from their students and in their assignments. Some students come to the same tutor regularly throughout a week. Members who are involved are eligible for lifetime membership once they complete four consecutive semesters, one which must be in their senior year.