Christian Service Summer Independent Study
Class of 2017, between Junior & Senior Year


Independent Study is a terrific option for students with an interest in or passion for a particular community or issue.  Do you think you may want to study medicine?  Look for an opportunity to serve on a medical mission!  Do you know sign language?  Volunteer at a summer camp for the hearing impaired!  Do you love animals?  Help children with physical or developmental disabilities learn to ride horses!  Is a beloved grandparent in the early stages of Alzheimer’s? Volunteer at a senior residence which specializes in memory care.  Here’s a case where “Google is your friend!” Spend some time exploring the possibilities.  Find something that excites or challenges you. 

Requirements:  Service must be all direct service to a marginalized population, not-for-profit, with an adult supervisor, minimum of 50 hours or at least one week-long immersion.  This commitment fulfills a one-semester graduation requirement for Jesuit High School, and therefore includes reading a book related to your service, writing 2 short papers, submitting a timecard and evaluation signed by your supervisor, and creating a simple visual project (slide show, poster, photo album) of your experience.

To submit your proposal, sign in to your student Google account then click on the link below.  Proposals must be submitted no later than April 6.  Once approved, print the Parent Consent Form for Independent Study (found below) and bring the signed copy with your $150.00 summer course fee to Mrs. Barnes no later than April 25.  

For approved independent studies, volunteer hours may begin as early as May 27, and must be completed no later than July 29.  All assignments are due within one week of completing the hours or July 29, whichever comes first.  (This is due to grading requirements.)  Assignments were e-mailed to students when their independent study was approved.  If you have misplaced this email, please contact Mrs. Barnes immediately.