Heritage Clubs


Asian Pacific Islander Club 

Faculty Moderator(s): jonathan.isaac@jesuithighschool.org, Heinel@faculty.jhs.net

Description: Asian Pacific Islander Club is a club to represent all students of Asian and Islander ethnicities

Black Student Union 

Faculty Moderator(s): brownjj@faculty.jhs.net

Description: The Black Student Union’s focus is to build awareness, education, and a new level of consciousness around being Black in today’s society. We aim to teach others about black culture while engaging in activities focused around the Black experience.  In the past we have held retreats at Sac State, traveled abroad to Tanzania, went on a fishing trip, participated in the HBCU fair and attended Black career day.

French Club 

Faculty Moderator(s): willsonl@faculty.jhs.net

Description: French Club is open to all JHS students (even if you don’t study French).  We foster and promote the French language and francophone cultures.  We raise funds and awareness for our philanthropy, Partners in Health-Haiti. 

Jewish Student Union

Faculty Moderator(s): friedmanm@faculty.jhs.net

Description: The Jewish Student Union is a club for Jewish students and anyone interested in learning about Jewish culture. The club focuses on holidays, food, music, and sports as well as service and fellowship.

Latinos Unidos 

Faculty Moderator(s): herrerat@faculty.jhs.net,

Description: The newly branded Latinos Unidos Club (formerly La Raza Club) promotes Latino culture and identity on the Jesuit High School campus and beyond through social and cultural events, fundraising opportunities, and involvement with other Latino communities.