Jesuit’s Policy on Students Taking Photos and Videos on Campus
A Message from the Dean


Over the semester, we have encountered several incidents involving students taking unauthorized photos in classrooms, bathrooms, and other campus spaces. Some images have been posted on the internet, shared via text or other mediums, or otherwise used in inappropriate ways that have left students feeling harassed or unsafe.  

Jesuit High School is committed to promoting a safe and welcoming environment on its campus and at school-sponsored activities. Bullying, insensitive speech, and hazing will not be tolerated. To protect everyone’s right to privacy and safety, this is a reminder that students are prohibited from taking photos or videos of anyone on campus or in a digital learning environment without the express permission of an authorized member of the administration, faculty, or staff regardless of how or if those pictures or videos are shared, posted, or otherwise used.  

Please see the Digital Citizenship section on pgs. 62 – 63 of the 2022-23 Student Parent Handbook for more detailed information regarding the expectations of student conduct on electronic platforms. Additionally, creating social media pages handles, or accounts on any social media platform representing Jesuit High School Sacramento is strictly prohibited. All students or faculty/staff must work with the Jesuit Marketing and Communication Office and follow the Jesuit Social Media Policies or consult with your club moderator to review the use of social media. 

This policy prohibiting unauthorized photos or videos has been and will continue to be shared with all students throughout the school year. We kindly ask all parents to echo this message by conversing with your son about his use of photographs or video, specifically the use of apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, BeReal, and Instant Messenger on campus or at school-sponsored activities.  

Thank you in advance for your partnership in helping to create a culture of belonging for all students at Jesuit High School.

La Roddric C. Theodule, M. Ed

Assistant Principal | Dean of Students