Marauder Band
Marching Band

Close-up of trumpet player in formation on field

Since 2015 the Jesuit High School Marauder Marching Band has taken the field during football games. Membership in the Marauder Band is part of the course requirements of our Concert and Symphonic Bands. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to participate in a corps style marching band: a fun, exciting, high profile, highly disciplined group with an extensive rehearsal and performance schedule. The Marauder Band performs at all home varsity football games and serves as a pep band for home varsity basketball games, rallies, and other events.

As our performances are so dependent on the presence and precision of each individual member, students are required to attend all home football games and the required rehearsals before school on Wednesdays. A required, one week on-site marching band camp is held each August before the start of the school year.