Should Your Child Take Advanced Placement (AP) Classes?


Advanced Placement (or AP) classes are college level courses for high school students. The benefits of AP classes are integral to a student’s success in college. Students who take AP classes will be better prepared to tackle college-level curriculum and can earn credit for introductory college courses during high school. As a college preparatory institution, Jesuit High School of Sacramento encourages all students to take advanced placement courses.

Earn College Credit in High School

Students with qualifying AP exam scores will earn college credit. This benefit affords students the opportunity to save on tuition and graduate sooner, sometimes in less than four years. For students planning to pursue careers that require post-graduate studies, or who are eager to begin their careers, early graduation is a definite advantage.

AP classes often allow students to skip some prerequisite or introductory courses in college. Students who earned AP credit and plan to graduate in four years will be able take more classes in their chosen discipline. Further studies in their chosen subject means more interaction with professors and other experts; this advantage increases a student’s opportunity to gain skills and specializations in their field prior to graduation.

Excel in College Coursework

Students who take AP classes are more likely to be accepted into college programs. College admissions boards recognize that students who took AP classes are ready for the challenges of higher education. The Advanced Placement program is managed by the College Board, the creator of the SAT. The College Board reports that students who took AP classes had higher college graduation rates and higher GPAs overall. Students who took AP classes also performed better in college classes in the same subject.

AP classes help students to excel in college by equipping them with college level academic skills. College courses require a different study skill set than most high school level courses. AP students learn the time management, research, and test taking skills required for college level studies. They also learn how to accumulate knowledge for a comprehensive final exam, a definite advantage for entering college freshmen.

AP Classes at Jesuit High School

Jesuit High School offers 23 different AP courses in a wide variety of subjects. Your child will be able to earn college credit and get ahead in his major area of study, in any subject he prefers. Our AP subjects include History, Economics, Government, Psychology, English Language and Literature, Spanish, French, Latin, Music Theory, and Studio Art. We also offer STEM AP courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Jesuit is one of the first high schools to offer AP Capstone (APC) courses. APC courses help students develop the research, critical thinking and communication skills they’ll need in order to be successful in college and in other professional environments. Each course is one year long and must be taken consecutively beginning in either the Sophomore or Junior year. In AP Capstone courses, students learn how to do their absolute best work—both individually and with their peers—and recognize their own accomplishments as they present and publish their findings.

Contact Jesuit High School

At Jesuit High School of Sacramento, we believe that every student has the potential to excel in AP classes. When high school students demonstrate proficiency in an AP subject, they gain confidence in their ability to meet the challenges of higher education. We are here to encourage that confidence and help prepare our students for success—in college, in future careers, and in commitment to service. Contact us or visit our Sacramento campus to learn more about the benefits of AP classes.