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Alarming health trends are now linked to vaping.

Internal Resources

Amnesty Policy: Any student who freely approaches a counselor, administrator, teacher, coach, or another staff member for help regarding a drug/alcohol problem (not influenced by prior knowledge of an offense) will be assisted in the spirit of cura personalis, a foundational principle of concern for the other that is a hallmark of our Jesuit school community. The same will be true for students referred to any staff member by friends for intervention. These cases will not be considered as disciplinary matters and will be referred to a counselor who will support a student’s family in identifying the resources needed for help and healing.

Please contact a counselor or the Dean’s Office if you have any questions.

External Resources

Jesuit High School offers this information as a resource only. Neither endorsement nor affiliation is implied. Families and individuals are advised to seek guidance in selecting appropriate referrals from the school counselor and to investigate their suitability.

Deborah Davis
(916) 473-2502
Relationships | Addiction | Trauma and PTSD
Address:  5530 Primrose Drive, Suite 240 | Sacramento

David Gust
(916) 966-4523 Ext. 3
Relationships | Addiction | Trauma and PTSD
Address:  7996 Old Winding Way, Suite 300, Sacramento

Recovery Happens
Substance Abuse Counseling Services
(916) 276-0626

Shane Stamas
Counselor specializing in trauma-informed addiction treatment
(916) 223-2177
Address:  9718 Fair Oaks Blvd  #B-2, Fair Oaks, CA 95628