Wellness Counselor (Part Time) Position Available
Now accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year


Statement of Mission

Jesuit High School of Sacramento is a Roman Catholic college preparatory dedicated to forming competent young men into conscientious leaders in compassionate service to others for the greater glory of God.

Job Overview

The wellness counselor is a licensed therapist (or registered associate) who provides mental health services to our community of 1100 young men. When done well, students will have a trusted resource on campus to help them with their socio-emotional needs. The wellness counselor will provide group, one-on-one and some family counseling while also communicating with and training faculty on the specific emotional wellness needs of our students.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Respond to and meet with students on campus who are in need of wellness support. Students may be referred by school counselors, teachers, administrators, other students, families, and self-referrals.
  2. Facilitate Counseling Groups in which students feel heard, experience growth, learn new coping skills/tools and find some level of relief from their mental health challenges.
  3. Assess and diagnose students in need of support and communicate these needs to counselors, teachers, and administrators when appropriate.
  4. Create Formal Care Plans, when necessary, to communicate student’s wellness needs to the faculty.
  5. Develop recommendations and interventions for classroom teachers, administrators and parents/caregivers.
  6. Maintain timely and accurate records of student interaction and communication, including communication with student caregivers and other student supports outside of Jesuit. This may include a student’s therapist, primary care physician, psychiatrist, etc.
  7. Maintain open communication with counselors, teachers, and administrators on campus regarding a student’s Wellness needs.
  8. Interact with and support students within marginalized groups on campus, including students with learning, physical health or mobility needs, minority students, economically disadvantaged students, LGBTQ students or other student groups who may be in need of additional support.
  9. Refer students, in collaboration with their counselors, to the Academic Support Center when appropriate.
  10. As a mandated reporter, file reports with Child Protective Services when necessary.
  11. Develop and maintain safety procedures on campus when made aware that students are struggling with suicidality, depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges.
  12. Normalize mental health challenges through campus-wide Wellness campaigns and psychoeducation.
  13. Support the Counseling Department, Christian Service, and Campus Ministry in providing health and safety programs for the student body.
  14. Act as a resource for parents and caregivers of Wellness students and respond to their communication in a timely manner.
  15. Provide resources and referrals for students to seek help within the community and maintain communication with those resources utilized by students.
  16. Collaborate with the Dean’s Office for students in need of support.
  17. Collaborate with St. Francis and other campus Wellness Counselors to support Jesuit students when necessary.
  18. Be available to assist counseling and administration when campus crises arise.
  19. Conduct suicide assessments and coordinate the appropriate actions when necessary
  20. Participate in Continuing Education to support students and their families with current skills and resources.
  21. Attend professional and spiritual growth retreats and masses both on and off campus as appropriate. It is recommended that the Wellness Counselor attend Kairos and other class retreats with students to student interact with and support students when possible.


Preferred Qualifications include

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling, or Marriage and Family Therapy
  • A BBS licensed LMFT, LCSW or LPCC preferred
  • A registered associate will also be considered (an LMFT will be available for BBS supervised hours)
  • Familiarity with Ignatian Education

Physical Requirements

Ability to sit for long periods of time; to perform daily activities from a desk; to operate a computer and various office equipment. Occasional lifting and transporting of boxes up to 20

Application Process:

Candidates should submit a completed application with resume to:

Beth K. Tegge, Director of Human Resources

Faculty job application is located at www.jesuithighschool.org/job.


Jesuit is an equal opportunity employer.

Jesuit High School is a Roman Catholic college preparatory school and may, in the case of equally qualified and compelling applicants, favor a choice of a Roman Catholic applicant over that of a non-Catholic applicant.