Epicurean Group
Jeanette Choate

Avocado toast piled with fresh spinach and soft boiled egg

We would like to introduce ourselves to you – Epicurean Group, the team behind the meals your students will enjoy at Jesuit High School. Epicurean Group is dedicated to serving your student, school, and the community. We are a local company whose employees possess unparalleled experience in food service. We live our passion for providing fresh, honest, and local food prepared from scratch, every day and at every meal, featuring only the finest ingredients. We simply love what we do! We do not cut corners or do it the “easy way.” Bread is fresh baked, soups, dressings and sauces are home-made, and every effort is made to use as much organic produce as possible. With seasonal menus reflecting the most nutritious and delicious choices based on local growing patterns, we take great pains to do the best by our customers and the environment.

Questions? You can call (530) 613-6691 or email Jeanette.

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