Semester 1 Repetitions & Finals Week
All classes remote/distance learning during repetitions and finals



Repetitions standard, finals special schedule

Repetitions (Monday-Tuesday)

Standard schedule, all groups distance learning

  Monday Tuesday
8:30-9:30 Optional Office Hours Optional Office Hours
9:45-10:45 Period 1 Period 5
11:00-12:00 Period 2 Period 6
12:45-1:45 Period 3 Period 7
2:00-3:05 Period 4 Period 8

Finals (Wednesday – Friday)

Special schedule, all groups distance learning

Finals Schedule. *Includes 5 minutes allotted for prayer at the start of each exam
  Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:35* Period 1 Period 4 Period 7
11:00-12:05* Period 2 Period 5 Period 8
1:30-2:35* Period 3 Period 6 Make-up Exams

Teachers who are giving a final exam during their scheduled class period will hold a Zoom meeting using the regular class Zoom link. Students are expected to report on time for these exams just as they do for all class meetings, with any materials ready and camera on.

Teachers who are not giving a final exam will need to set clear expectations for the submission of any final papers or projects, which should be due at the time their class would meet on the finals schedule; this may or may not include reporting for a Zoom meeting.

Note: As in our traditional final exam schedule, the time between exams is intended to allow for students with extended time to finish with their allotted time, as well as to provide a sufficient break for all students and teachers between exam periods.