Lenten Service Drive


As we look ahead to the season of Lent, we invite you to consider participating in the Office of Service & Justice’s “Lenten Service Drive” as a way to put our faith into action.  

Each week we will ask students to bring in different items for donation. (You are most welcome to donate requested items early, but we will not be able to accept late donations due to our scheduled project assembly dates.) These items will be used during Community Period for various service projects.

Weekly Donations by Class

Thank you for your generosity and support! 

  • Putting together hygiene packages for those experiencing homelessness and/or poverty.
  • Making “Love Soup” kits for migrant farmworkers.
  • Tying fleece blankets for those in need of comfort and warmth.
  • Creating “pflarn” strands that will weave together to make sleeping mats for the homeless.

Week 1 (March 7-11) “Hygiene Kits”

  • Freshmen

    • Travel size shampoo                    
    • Travel size toothpaste                
    • Bar of soap -or- travel size body wash  
  • Sophomores
    • Travel size mouthwash
    • Travel size hand lotion
    • Travel size hand sanitizer
  • Juniors
    • Travel package of Band-aids 
    • Chapstick                        
    • Small package of tissues
  • Seniors
    • Toothbrush
    • Deodorant
    • Deck of cards

Week 2 (March 14-18) “Love Soup” 

  • Freshmen – Bag of dry Kidney Beans
  • Sophomores – Bag of dry Pinto Beans
  • Juniors – Bag of dry Navy Beans
  • Seniors – Bag of White Rice

Week 3 (March 21-25) “Fleece Tie Blankets”

  • Each student – 2 coordinating pieces of fleece fabric (2 yards of each color/print) 

Week 4 (March 28 – April 1) “Pflarn” 

  • Each student – 25 plastic grocery bags 
    (Thin and inexpensive…the thicker plastic bags do not work well for the weaving)


  • Week of March 7

    • Service Drive
      ​Collect materials for Hygiene Kits
  • Week of March 14
    • Service Drive
      ​Collect Love Soup ingredients
  • Week of March 21
    • Service Drive
      ​Collect measured fleece
    • Service Event
      During Thursday Community
      Make Love Soup packets / Put together Socks of Love
  • Week of March 28
    • Service Drive
      Collect plastic grocery bags 
    • Service Event
      (During Thursday Community)
      ​Make fleece tie blankets
  • Week of April 4
    • Service Event
      (During Tuesday Community)
      Make Pflarn from the plastic bags we collected the week before