COVID-19 Immersion Update
March 16, 2020


At present we will continue to monitor the situation, follow instructions and guidelines of public health officials, and make any decisions about canceling any immersion closer to the date of immersions.

Some group expenses (e.g., leader stipends, rental vehicle costs, gas and food expenses budgeted) are recoverable if the immersion is canceled. In the case that public health officials, Jesuit High School, and/or our host agency deemed it necessary to cancel the immersion, we would refund planned expenses that are feasible to refund. This pertains to the cancellation of the immersion for the group as a whole; individuals deciding not to participate would not be refunded in the same way, as some expenses don’t vary if one individual decides not to participate.

Some immersion expenses (e.g., airfare, reservation fees to host agencies) are not recoverable. Regarding airfare, if the immersion is canceled, we would provide families with the reservation information to use any credits as you saw fit and as airline policy allowed. 

Please contact Sara Brabec ( with any further questions.