Health and Safety Update – January 5
Modifications to School Events Amid COVID Surge


Dear Jesuit Community,

Our Return to School – We enjoyed welcoming back students for the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year. Still, we need to share timely pandemic updates. In light of the current surge in COVID cases in the Sacramento region, along with the highly contagious nature of this new omicron variant, Jesuit is making some modifications to currently scheduled school activities for January. Medical experts have advised us that this surge may be shorter, which means our modifications will hopefully be temporary. We have no plans to stop in-person instruction.

Contacting Us - There has been an increased volume of calls and emails to the school from parents regarding student absences, COVID exposures, and positive cases in these first few days back, which is creating some delays in our ability to respond as quickly as we would like. We have increased staffing to help and ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you for continuing to keep us informed. 

Stay Home When Sick - We want to remind you that keeping your students home when they are symptomatic is critical. Your vigilance in following this requirement is the best way to keep others safe and reduce the impact on the school. This new variant of COVID mirrors basic cold symptoms, and if your student comes to school with illness symptoms, they will be sent home until it can be confirmed they do not have COVID. 

Keeping Up while Staying Home - Students staying home for isolation, quarantine, or just good habits due to having symptoms are encouraged to contact their classroom teachers and monitor Google Classroom for any special assignments or information. We are not offering dual-delivery via Zoom, but individual teachers have the discretion to offer students additional support such as recordings, Zoom meetings during office hours, etc. Please be mindful that not all class activities you miss translate well to doing from home or watching remotely, and this often impacts the level of information or offerings you may have from a given teacher on a given day. Regardless, your teachers will support you when you return to get you caught up and back on track. If you are especially sick and unable to do school work at all while away, you are encouraged to contact the AP for Academics and your counselor so they can provide additional support for you upon returning to school.

Updating Guidelines - In the last few days, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has adjusted the isolation and quarantine guidelines. Subsequently, Sacramento County Public Health is also adjusting the K-12 school guidance. Additional trusted sources of information can be found on our health and safety resources page. Please note that COVID cases and exposures are often complicated. Other factors come into play when working with a family to determine quarantine and isolation about their return to school.

Our Marauders are strong and resilient – we wish good health to your family. We will continue to move forward as leaders in education during these pandemic challenges and into the future.

Mike Wood ‘99



Parent Club Meetings

Tonight’s Jesuit Boosters and Loyola Guild meeting will now be held via Zoom. 

Spectators/Student Cheering Sections at Athletic Events.

For January, we will limit fans for indoor athletic events to four family members from the same household per student-athlete participating in the contest. Details will be shared directly with the student-athletes and their parents via Final Forms on how to purchase these tickets. 

Our indoor games will also be broadcast on the NFHS Network – the cost to subscribe is $10.99 per month. 

School Dance

The Junior/Senior Open Dance previously scheduled for Friday, January 21st, will be postponed until late March or early April.  Once a new date is determined, it will be shared with juniors and seniors from Jesuit, St. Francis, Cristo Rey and Christian Brothers.  

Mass for Peace and Justice  

This school-wide mass will be postponed to the Sponsorship Liturgy on April 12, 2022.  The theme of Peace and Justice in the Spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. will center our Sponsorship Liturgy.  We will transition to a traditional Friday schedule of Mtg-4-5-Lunch-6-7 for Friday, January 14, 2022.


All Kairos 153 participants, regardless of vaccine status, will test on campus the Monday of their departure. They will test again on the Wednesday of the retreat. Jesuit will provide this testing. A daily symptom check will be in place as well.  

CDPH Updates

Quarantine (exposed to someone with COVID-19)

Staff Quarantine (exposed to someone with COVID-19) – follow CDPH quarantine guidance for the general population. 

Student Quarantine (exposed to someone with COVID-19) –continue following existing quarantine/modified quarantine guidance outlined in CDPH K-12 Guidance (no changes from what you were doing before break).  Stay tuned as we expect CDPH to make changes to this in the near future.  

Recently Infected with COVID-19

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 on or after January 1, 2022, must complete their isolation period in accordance with CDPH isolation guidance but are exempt from repeat testing, isolation, or quarantine for a period of 30 days following their positive test.