Staying Connected – April 16

To Jesuit Sacramento Class of 2020

Our hearts break for you right now. We can only imagine the disappointment you feel each time we announce the extension of our remote learning. Now, learning that your graduation activities will not take place on campus on the original dates in May, your disappointment has likely turned into sadness. Please know that we, too, are sad that so many of your anticipated senior end-of-year traditions are unable to take place. 

But, as we shared last week, rest assured we are still committed to finding a way for Jesuit High School Sacramento to host all of your Commencement Exercises, including a Grad Night, at some point in the future

Some have said that this once-in-a-generation experience will be something we will remember and talk about for the rest of our lives. It is ironic that during your graduation ceremony, you would have heard us tell you that you would remember and cherish your Jesuit High School Sacramento experience, especially the Brotherhood, for the rest of your lives. We never imagined you would look back at the conclusion of your high school experience and remember a world-wide pandemic that took you physically away from your friends, your teachers, and your campus for months.

During your time at Jesuit we have asked you, in many settings, to look back at your life and remember those events that have shaped the person you are becoming. We asked you to remember, to consider, to reflect, to Examen the person you were and the person you want to be. We hope you realized, in all of these times of remembering and recalling, that you had the power to choose how to remember your past. How you chose to recall the events of your life was in your control and you could choose to let those events defeat you or you could choose to let those events strengthen you. It was always a choice. And we saw your courage emerge as you chose to let the events of your life–the good and the bad–help you to become the men you are today. 

Let us then ask ourselves: how will we choose to remember this? Will we remember the disruption, the confusion, the disappointment? Certainly, we will. But perhaps we will choose to focus on the way we coped, the way we innovated, what we learned about ourselves, how we helped others, how we made the best of it, where we found God. What and how will you choose to remember?

You are in control of how you choose to respond to these circumstances. Imagine where you will be in ten years, looking back at this time in your life. What do you hope you will remember about what you did during the coronavirus pandemic? We believe the class of 2020 will demonstrate the conscience, competence, and the compassion that we have seen grow in you over these four years. This is what Jesuit High School has always wanted for you: to live a life where you could look back at what you have done and who you have become and be proud.

We are grateful for you, the class of 2020 and your families. Go forth and set the world on fire.

Peace and Blessings to you all,

Dr. Michael Wood, Ed.D and Rev. John McGarry, S.J.