Jesuit JV Rugby vs McClatchy JV
Saturday, March 24, 2018


On a beautiful spring morning, with a few scattered clouds, the Jesuit JV Marauders hosted the CK McClatchy Lions.  This cross-town rivalry sees many former youth rugby teammates squaring off against one another.  Unfortunately, CKM had a numbers problem and did not have enough players to field a team, so the Marauders lived up to their motto and volunteered to be Men for Others.  With six of our boys donning the Lions colors, the game got underway.  The Marauders came roaring out of the gate and put the first try in with less than two minutes gone on the clock.  With freshman scrumhalf marshaling the forwards and sophomore flyhalf Hunter Modlin dealing out in the backs, CKM could not adjust to the speed of the ball movement.  Even with the Jesuit conscripts, the Lions were put to the sword and went down hard.  All of the Jesuit scores were in the first half and the second half became an interesting affair as the referee, admittedly, tipped the scales in favor of CKM.  Also, the Jesuit coaching staff were able to work players into new positions and set up different combinations.  All in all, it was a fine display of rugby from the Big Red Machine.  Man of the Match honors went to Hunter Modlin and Keleki Latu.

First Half Scoring:

  • Nick Blake (conversion missed)  Jesuit 5 – CKM 0
  • David Hause (conversion by Hunter Modlin)  Jesuit 12 - CKM 0
  • Parker Breen (conversion missed)  Jesuit 17 – CKM 0
  • Jagger Saca (Modlin)  Jesuit 24 – CKM 0
  • Zach Nkadi (Modlin)  Jesuit 31 – CKM 0
  • Parker Breen (Modlin)  Jesuit 38 – CKM 0
  • CKM Try (conversion missed)  Jesuit 38 – CKM 5
  • Ross Mantell (conversion by Christopher Cimino)  Jesuit 45 – CKM 5
  • Cash Taylor (Cimino)  Jesuit 52 – CKM 5

Second Half Scoring:

  • CKM Try (conversion missed)  Jesuit 52 – CKM 10
  • CKM Try (conversion missed)  Jesuit 52 – CKM 15
  • CKM Try (conversion made)  Jesuit 52 – CKM 22
  • CKM Try (conversion missed)  Jesuit 52 – CKM 27

Final Score: Jesuit 52, McClatchy 27