JV Marauder Football Team Beat Rival Christian Brothers
Saturday, September 8, 2018


by Eric Swanson

Cash Taylor got things started with a 37 yard run from the very first play on the line of scrimmage.  Three plays later, Chris Thorn fooled the defense and ran the ball himself for a 34 yard TD score.    Ryan Young scored the extra point.  Jesuit 7 – CB 0.

In what would be a theme for the night, Christian Brothers could not get past the swarming run defense of Keleki  Latu, Taylor, and other Marauders, and the Falcons were forced to punt.  Noah Clay then powered up the left hand side of the field for 48 yards.  Chris Thorn called his own number, and the JV quarterback ran for his second touchdown.  Jesuit 14 – CB 0.

David Hause stopped a Falcon short pass with a driving tackle, and CB was forced to punt again.  The Marauders’ veer offense steadily attacked the CB defense with chunks of five or more yard runs.  One significant chunk was Cash Taylor picking up 17 yards through a hole in the middle.  However, the Marauder drive fizzled at the CB 30 yard line, and the Falcons took over on downs. Sebastian Torres knocked down a long Falcon pass, and CB punted.

The veer offense again seemed to be humming, and steady runs moved the Marauders up the field.  Then, Cash Taylor ran hard off a Jacob Peluso block for another Marauder score.  Jesuit 21 – CB 0.

CB made their first significant yardage off of a 43 yard pass and run, but Declan Mitchell saved the Marauders with a touchdown saving tackle.  After 3 incomplete passes, the Falcons went for it on 4th down at the Jesuit 29, but David Hause stopped the scrambling CB quarterback before the first down marker.  Jesuit was on offence once again, and Ace Saca ran 20 yards through a gaping hole in the CB defense made possible by blocks from James Econome and a pulling Antonio Scanzano.  At the end of the half, it was Jesuit 21 – CB 0.

Keleki Latu batted down two CB passes in a row to start the third quarter, and the Marauders got the ball again.  It was Ace Saca’s turn to score.   He outran the defense on two 20 plus yard blasts.  Jesuit 28 – CB 0.

Jesuit promptly got the ball back, and Chris Thorn tossed a 41 yard pass to Keleki Latu at the CB one yard line.  Noah Clay  ran it in for another touchdown.  The extra point was no good.  Jesuit 34 – CB 0.

On Jesuit’s next drive, Cash Taylor ran for a 52 yard TD off a pitch.  Jesuit 41 – CB 0 with just seconds left in the third quarter. 

Sebastian Torres recovered a CB fumble, and the Marauders were on the move.  Ace Saca scored from three yards out.  Jesuit 48 – CB 0.  Jesuit next scored on an 85 yard pitch to Cash Taylor.  Jesuit 55 – CB 0.

CB’s quarterback scrambled for a 15 yard touchdown with time running out, but it was too little, too late.  Final score Jesuit 55 – CB 6.