Dress Code & Personal Appearance Policy
Includes examples and dress policies for standard, casual and dress attire


Jesuit High School believes that student appearance has an impact on attitude and behavior. It is the responsibility of parents to see that their student is properly dressed and groomed for school. Students are expected to adhere to the dress code throughout the school day and they are to be properly groomed at school-sponsored events. Violations will result in detention (JUG). Students found to be in flagrant or repeated violation may be denied entrance into class and/or sent home from school. Any classes missed for a dress code violation will be considered unexcused absences and disciplinary consequences will apply.  

  • Students must wear a collared JHS-authorized logowear shirt to school each day.
  • Only JHS-authorized sweatshirts, windbreakers, zip-ups, and other outerwear may be worn to school. A collared shirt, sweatshirt, or polo from all Jesuit activities (athletics, clubs, Campus Ministry) are allowed.
  • During cold and wet seasons, a heavy and/or rain protective non-JHS-authorized jacket is allowed, however, it must be removed when entering the classroom or other indoor spaces. All items worn under the removed heavy jacket must comply with the dress code.
  • Shorts and pants regulations are as follows:
    • Chino-style slacks of any solid color are allowed.
    • Cargo style, patterned, sweats, pajamas, or denim are not allowed.
  • Only JHS-authorized hats or head coverings may be worn to school. No hat, hood, or other head covering is allowed in class without express permission from the Dean’s Office.
  • We will allow for a more casual dress code on Fridays only (unless that day is designated for Dress Attire) where students may wear JHS-authorized logowear t-shirts. Jeans will also be permitted on Fridays only. No ripped or excessively baggy jeans are allowed.

*Please refer to your Student-Parent Handbook for the full Dress Code.


Standard Dress

Casual (Most Fridays)

Dress Attire