Dress Code & PE Clothes Store
Open for a limited time - order before July 31

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BSN is one of our official stores and our authorized Nike provider. They also provide official PE attire and athletic uniforms.  Pop-up shops run in several short-length windows prior to the start of school and again in November to allow for bulk order and shipping.

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Order your PE clothes! The first two items in the Dress Code store are the PE Shirt (Russell Athletic 50/50 T-Shirt) and PE Shorts (BSN SPORTS Agility 2 Pocket Short). PE lock purchasing info will be available from the PE teacher at the start of class. You must buy the Jesuit PE combo lock, you cannot use a lock brought from home.

Dress Code

Online only store. Items ship upon ordering.

The online store includes Jesuit PE clothes, dress code-approved polos, sweatshirts, zip-ups, and shirts. These items are shipped directly to your home. Buy early to ensure delivery before the start of school. BSN can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

This is a special, two-week sale store that will be offered only a few times during the year.

Customer service

Questions about the store or your order? Please contact BSN directly. BSN is a third-party vendor that partners with Jesuit on Nike brand gear and other logo items.

Email: myteamshop@bsnsports.com
Phone: 800-749-3813