Mark Luttio


Dr. Mark Luttio has been teaching in academia for nearly 30 years — including Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame and Lynn University.  Mark is a U.S. citizen, but born and raised in Asia and thus often described as an Asian soul in a Caucasian body. In 2017 he was awarded a faculty fellowship to travel the world for 6 months researching the different faith traditions of our globe. His passion is finding ways to build bridges rather than barriers in inter-religious dialogue. He teaches World Religion, Christian Morality, and Faith and Social Justice. 

In his free time, Dr. Luttio loves outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, and traveling to new places in the world.  He also loves movies (especially thought-provoking ones) and any activities which lead to interesting conversations and dialog (especially interfaith dialog). He is married to his high school sweetheart, and together have raised four beautiful children.


  • Ph.D., Theology, The University of Notre Dame 
    [Dissertation on a Comparative Study of the Buddhist-Christian Funeral Rite]
  • M.A., Theology, The University of Notre Dame                             
  • M.Div., Luther Theological Seminary