A Message from your Loyola Guild Senior Class Representative

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Hello Senior Parents!

We are nearing the end of a wonderful 4 years here on Jacob Lane.  It is such a bittersweet time as we close this chapter of our boys’ lives.  They are going on to do wonderful things and we know they are well prepared to take on life’s challenges and adventures because of the preparation they’ve received here.   It seems like just yesterday they were at their Freshman Overnight and we were meeting other JHS families.  Their time here will end, but they will be Jesuit Alums for the rest of their lives.  The Alum network is strong and I know my son plans to stay connected to this school forever.  I hope yours does too!

I have enjoyed my 4 years as a parent at Jesuit and I hope you have too!   If you joined the Loyola Guild (or even if you haven’t!) you can upgrade your membership from yearly, or 4 years… to LIFETIME!   You will be able to stay connected to the school and the alum networks and pay it forward for future boys to become Men for Others, as the Loyola Guild money goes directly to scholarships.  

Click here to join or to upgrade your membership:



All dates, times and specifics for Baccalaureate and Graduation are on the yellow paper that was mailed home to you.   Please refer to that for locations, times, and what the boys are supposed to wear.  

All families were given 12 tickets.  There are many families who will not use all 12, and many more families who are looking for extra tickets.  The school is not facilitating the exchange of tickets, but I would like to help disperse them to those who need them.  If you are NOT using any of your tickets, PLEASE turn them in!  I will have a large white envelope in the front office of the school.   Put your tickets in an envelope and drop them off (or have your son do it!)  There are many people who need tickets so it would be wonderful to get those unused tickets back into circulation!

If you need tickets, email me and I will give out the unused tickets in the order I receive requests.   The more tickets we get turned in, the more I can help cover families’ requests!  

My email address is KellieR@me.com


May 28th 9:30 PM – 5:00 AM
Our volunteers have been working tirelessly to put on an amazing evening for our sons.  The goal of Grad Night is to have all the boys together one final time! Please sign your son up!  It is going to be an incredible night that they really don’t want to miss.  

There is financial assistance available. We don’t want anyone left out of this special evening!  (Please contact GradNight2016.mellor@gmail.com)

There will be a Ping Pong Tournament, kart racing, video games, a hypnotist, FIFA tournament, Basketball Shoot Out, Casino Activities, Food from Miyagi, Jacks, Chipotle, NorCal Beverage, Leatherby’s …. fabulous prizes including Sac Republic Tickets, White Water Rafting and gift cards from many of their favorite hot spots.  (Special thanks to corporate sponsor Luttes Mitsubishi!)

The Grad Night team is still looking for prizes and monetary donations, so if you want to help them put some finishing touches on this wonderful night, contact GradNight2016.mellor@gmail.com

Click here for Grad Night Sign ups:


Thank you for being a part of our family’s Jesuit experience. Whether in sports, theater, Mass, clubs, or parent nights, it is a wonderful community that we have been honored to be a part of.  I will never forget the first time I saw the boys put their arms around their brother’s shoulders when they prayed together.  I know there will be many tears as we watch them one final time on Saturday morning.  

Kellie Randle
Senior Parent Representative