Mass of the Holy Spirit
Frosh & Seniors on Thursday / Soph & Juniors on Friday - Dress Attire Required

Ministry Barry Gym

This year we are celebrating Mass of the Holy Spirit on two dates, divided by classes. Parents are welcome to join us. Please use the Parent/guardian RSVP form to let us know you are coming!

  • Students report for Frosh/Senior Mass of the Holy Spirit Thursday, August 26, 8:20 am
  • Students report for Soph/Junior Mass of the Holy Spirit on Friday, August 27, 8:20 am

Students attending this mandatory Mass must be in Dress Attire and report to Homeroom at 8:20 am on the morning of their designated mass and remain in dress attire for the duration of the school day.  

NOTE: Students not attending Mass may arrive to school at 9:55 a.m. in regular attire. 

During these masses, we will pray that the Holy Spirit continues to enliven us and set our hearts on fire for the greater glory of God and ask our Creator for the grace needed to become men for others – to have a positive impact on our families, our friends, our school, our city, and our world.

This tradition of celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit extends beyond our campus. Jesuit high schools and universities across around the world are celebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit as their academic year begins, committing themselves to the same goals, and asking God’s help to accomplish them.