Chamber Choir (Honors)

Closeup of students in black suits and red ties with mouths open in song.

The Chamber Singers Ensemble is Jesuit High School’s honors performance choir.

The course is geared towards qualified students who wish to achieve the highest levels of performance through a comprehensive, systematic, and intensive study of the art of solo and ensemble singing.  Students will be expected to learn important choral works from the Western Classical canon, exercise critical analytical skills, explore the historical context of repertoire, cultivate and maintain a professional work ethic, and synthesize information through the successful completion of extensive written assignments, exams, and approximately ten major concert performances, three of which are either local, state, or national-level music festivals and/or competitions. 

Students will learn how to apply acquired knowledge of music theory and singing technique in order to achieve optimal levels of performance.  Successful completion of this year-long course will earn them UC-approved honors credit.  Admission is contingent upon a successful vocal audition, a GPA of at least 3.0, an English grade of B or better, and a solid character recommendation. Prerequisites: Successful completion of beginning and intermediate choir (Men’s Chorus & Concert Choir) or its equivalent, or permission from the instructor.