iPad Issues? No Problem!

Vincent McCarty ‘17

Broken iPad? No worries, there is iPad tech support here at Jesuit High School! If your iPad isn’t loading, froze up, or won’t even function, go to the library or talk to Mr. Smith, the head of the program. There is a team of students dedicating their lunch time to help with any problems.  Mr. Smith said, “We are looking for a few other ways to help people, maybe not just through iPads but also computers.” The student tech group resides in the library during lunch, and if you can’t find any of the members, you can see Mr. Smith for help.

Currently they could use more people.  If you are interested contact Mr. Smith in his office and he’ll give you the details.  At the moment they are undergoing a reset in the program, so if you have any questions about joining or problems with your iPad, go on down to the library and see if they are in.