Bradley Williams ’24: a leader to remember

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Despite being at Jesuit High School Sacramento for only two years, Bradley Williams ’24 has already made a name for himself as a school leader, a reputation that saw him elected student body president as a senior.

“What made me interested in running for student body president was the passion and drive for the school spirit,” Bradley said. “The energy that [this] school has compared to other schools, I really resonated with it.”

Bradley connected with Jesuit’s atmosphere soon after transfering. Principal Dr. Michael Wood ’99 credits this to his ability to form bonds with those around him.

“He came in as a junior and immediately made a connection to this place and with friends and peers at games and gained a respect for the fact that they wanted him to be the president the next year,” Dr. Wood said. “It is super rare to have a junior transfer to become student body president.”

In addition to leading his classmates at Jesuit, Bradley is also a caring and uplifting person in general. Evan Brown ’24 greatly enjoys Bradley’s friendship.   

“Bradley shows leadership not only in school but also outside of school,” Evan said. “He is very influential on everyone around him, especially other students and his friends because he is such a positive person to be around. People are inclined to listen to him because of this.”

Dr. Wood believes Bradley’s presence has a tangible impact on students by making them feel like they belong.   

“If I was a student and Bradley was my senior body president, I would just feel comfortable showing up,” Dr. Wood said. “[Bradley] has made it cool; it’s cool to be in the crowd. He is an accessible person and no matter who I am as a student at Jesuit, if he is there with his enthusiasm and his spirit with his pride, I want to be around that too.”

Evan Brown ’24 believes that Bradley’s charisma and optimism are major contributors to his ability to influence the community. 

“Something that stands out about Bradley as a friend is his consistent positivity,” Evan said. “Every time I see Bradley in school and outside of school he is always enthusiastic and energetic.”