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Plank Article Matt Freeman ’25

Jesuit welcomes the Kino Border Initiative to campus

On March 14, Jesuit High School Sacramento welcomed a group from the Kino Border Initiative (KBI), a program devoted to helping migrants in Nogales, Mexico. KBI provides helpful resources such as food and shelter to those being deported or seeking asylum in the United States. Additionally, they work towards spreading awareness throughout the country of what life at the border is really like.

Plank Article Cooper Zarro '26

Opinion: “Dune: Part Two” is a must-watch

With the release of Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two” (Part Two), audiences across the world sighed a collective breath of relief. Somehow, the sequel to the 2021 film has managed to meet and surpass the near insurmountable weight of expectations it carried before its release. The sci-fi epic changed the world of film forever, and it will be talked about favorably for years to come.

Plank Article Daniel Krueger '24

Lucas Kim ’24: playing several positions

Few students in this year’s senior class are as involved throughout campus life as Lucas Kim ’24, and even  fewer who have been as crucial to their programs as he. In addition to being the vice president of the Asian Pacific Islander Club, Lucas is the historian for student council, the co-president of the peer tutoring program, and a varsity soccer player.

Plank Article Cooper Zarro '26

Holy Rollers spares no expense

For more than 50 years, the Holy Rollers Bowling Club at Jesuit High School Sacramento has provided students an outlet for fun and social bowling. The club aims to spread bowling in a non-competitive and welcoming way.

Plank Article Nick Ryan ’26

Sub-4 club: history in the making for Jesuit sports

On Saturday, Jan. 27, two Jesuit High School Sacramento alumni took to the track in the Dempsey Indoor Center in Seattle, Washington, and raced the indoor mile at the 2023 University of Washington Invitational Track Meet. 

In an amazing race, Matt Strangio ’20 and Spencer Pickren ’21 both ran personal bests, with Strangio winning the race in 3:55.53, putting himself at 19th place in the nation for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and 29th in the world at all levels for this indoor season at the time of the race. His recent 3000 meter race is also the 11th fastest in the history of the NCAA. 

Plank Article Milo Moggan ’26

Jesuit’s first original musical: “children&art: A Song Cycle”

Once finished, Jesuit High School Sacramento Drama’s 2024 spring production “children&art: A Song Cycle” will mark a first for the program: its first original musical. The cast for children&art met just nine weeks ago, having to write, produce, choreograph, and rehearse an entirely original show in under 90 days.

Children&art is inspired by students’ experiences during and after the pandemic. The production does not follow a linear plot, but rather a song cycle structure, made up of 10 individual songs which relate to the underlying theme of joy found through art. 

Plank Article Nick Ryan ’26

The Wrap: Jesuit basketball section tournament

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, Jesuit High School Sacramento’s Varsity Basketball team faced off against Cordova High School and had one of their highest scoring games of the season. Beating CHS 94-63, the Marauders came out with a win and advanced to the quarter-finals in the Section playoffs.

Plank Article Brady Anderson ’25

Open Mic Night to highlight talents for charity

On Friday, March 1, Jesuit High School Sacramento’s Asian Pacific Islander Club (APIC) will hold its eighth annual Open Mic Night event in the Fr. Harris Student Life Center. This is a chance for high school students from all over Sacramento to come show off their talents, socialize with friends, and enjoy a wide variety of foods prepared by student clubs.

Plank Article Milo Moggan ’26

Declan Higgins ’24: perseverance and adaptability

For two seasons, Declan Higgins ’24 has been nothing short of remarkable as a runner on the Jesuit High School Sacramento varsity cross country team. Not only that, but in his time as a Marauder, Declan has set himself apart as one of the most adaptive and persistent students inside and outside of the classroom.

Plank Article Nick Ryan ’26

David Soto ’24: humble rock star

“He’s part of a rock band,” Caden Kelly ’25 said, “I believe he’s a platinum artist as of now and will soon be touring internationally.” 

You may think those words are spoken about someone like Drake or Beyonce, but in fact, they are about a member of Jesuit’s class of 2024, David Soto. While Caden’s statement is not factually accurate, it’s clear that David has built himself a reputation at Jesuit as someone who excels at anything he puts his mind to.

Plank Article Milo Moggan ’26

Opinion: This season was not Sacra-meant-to-be

With All-Star Weekend in the rear-view mirror, the Sacramento Kings sit at seventh place in the Western Conference with a record of 33-24. At the start of this NBA season, The Plank anonymously polled 47 random student fans from Jesuit High School Sacramento, asking them what their Playoff expectations are for the Kings this year. Their confidence was clear: 52.1% said that this season’s team can make it past the second round, something the franchise hasn’t accomplished since 2002. Let’s see how those expectations stack up after 57 games.

Plank Article Brandon Curry ’25 Cooper Zarro '26

It’s in our blood to donate

Every two seconds in the United States, someone needs blood. Unfortunately, according to the American Red Cross, the number of blood donors in the country has hit a 20-year low. Blood is needed now more than ever, and thankfully, Jesuit High School Sacramento stepped up to answer the call. 

Plank Article Brady Anderson ’25

Tibetan monks visit Jesuit to spread compassion

On Wednesday, Jan. 17, Jesuit High School Sacramento received a visit from a group of Tibetan monks as a part of their Sacred Arts of Tibet Cultivating Compassion tour. Coming from Gaden Shartse Norling Monastery, these monks seek to raise money for their monastery and spread compassion to the people they meet throughout their journey.

Plank Article Jason De Guzman ’25

James Randall ’24: lifelong learner

In the summer of 2022, James Randall ’24 and the Jesuit High School Sacramento’s robotics team triumphed over colleges and universities from around the world in the Marine Advanced Technology Education International Underwater Robotics Competition, held in Long Beach, California. The team had been preparing for the competition for a year and all that work was worth it for James. 

Plank Article Nick Ryan ’26

The Wrap: Jesuit soccer meets their goals

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, Jesuit High School Sacramento’s nationally ranked varsity soccer team faced off against Central Valley High School. Jesuit is ranked number one in the section and CVHS was ranked number 12. With great games from midfielder James Andrew ’24 and forward Kellen Jacot ’24, Jesuit won 3-1 and remains strong as the playoffs progress.