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Welcome to The Plank!  The Jesuit High School student newspaper will function as an information hub for all members of the Jesuit community.  Future, current, and former Jesuit students will now be able to easily access information about what is going on around Jesuit’s campus and how students are getting involved in their community.  The Plank’s home will be online and will feature a monthly print edition.  Thank you for visiting and we are excited for another great Plank year.

In the News Will Keys '14

Shakespeare in the Black Box

Opening Halloween night, Romeo and Juliet got a re-boot as Jesuit Drama put an entirely new spin on a timeless classic.  The folks in the Black Box Theater are taking the world’s most popular love story and turning it on its head.  The setting of William Shakespeare’s memorable work of two lovers torn apart as a result of rival families has been shaken up drastically, taking place in colonial India during the start of World War I.

In the News Blake Clarkson ‘15

The Newly Elected Freshmen

From Left: Brendan Jones, Peter Lucas, Daniel Rock, Alex Mar, Jack Murphy, Braeden Prymak

This year’s freshman elections have already come and gone. The freshman elected their president, Brendan Jones. They also elected Peter Lucas as the secretary/treasurer, and Alex Mar, Jack Murphy, and Daniel Rock as their three senators. I spoke to both Brendan Jones and Peter Lucas about being elected to their positions.

In the News Adam McGrew ‘15

The Plunge 2.0

After a year-long hiatus, the Plunge is back at Jesuit High School. On October 3, four juniors and two seniors, along with four faculty, arrived at Loaves and Fishes to better their understanding of homelessness through a twelve hour urban immersion in which the students were in direct contact with Sacramento’s homeless.

“After going on the Plunge, I realize that the homeless are really just human beings like us who are trying to get back on their feet. I think that we need to treat the homeless with more respect and dignity,” said junior Marco Petrucci.

In the News Michael Flodin ‘15

How Easy is it to Make a Club?

Clubs have always been a big part of Jesuit’s extracurricular activities, with many students participating in different types. However, the question is, “How do I start a club and how do I know what kinds of clubs will get approved?”

Junior Martin Kyalwazi has recently started a club called Own It. This club focuses on going to schools and empowering kids not to conform to their environment and to “own” themselves and who they are.

In the News The Simons ‘14 & ‘15

Mass of the North American Martyrs

Giving thanks to the patron saints of our school, Jesuit celebrates the feast day of the Martyrs of North America. On this day, we are all given the chance to celebrate in a time that calls for complete courage, so that we may further spread the word of God, just as the eight famous Frenchmen had done.

In the News Brien Griffin ‘14

Marauders in the Crowd

Jesuit sparks curiosity and growth in all aspects of its students’ lives. Seniors Geoff Luoma and Joe Millward took a moment to elaborate on their musical talent and growth. Both consider Jesuit a home to the start of their musical careers.

Geoff Luoma:
Q: What is the name of your band? What are the names of the other members of your band? What do they play?

In the News Charles Fries ‘14

How is Gravity?

Gravity is a gripping film about the perils of space and its infinite being and mystery. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is an aeronautical technician working with her shuttle partner, Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). Their mission: upgrade some computer hardware on the Hubble Space Telescope. When a cluster of space debris collides with their shuttle, the duo become separated from each other and the rest of their crew. They decide to make a run for a Chinese shuttle ‘only’ a few miles away.

In the News Patrick Stevens ‘14

Mr. Hornback’s Top Ten Horror Movies

As the Witching Month comes to a close, the time for nights watching horror movies with friends is far from over. Here is a list of the best scary movies from the king of horror, Mr. Hornback.

Psycho (1960)
The first slasher film based on real-life serial killer Ed Gein, Psycho’s shocks, scares, and sly humor still hold up.

In the News Brennen Honaker ‘14

Mr. O’Connor’s Teacher Playlist

We asked Mr. O’Connor what his top songs were, and here are the results!

Montezuma – Fleet Foxes
Reflektor – Arcade Fire
Heart It Races – Dr. Dog
Start Shootin’ – Little People
End of the Road – Umphrey’s McGee
Same Love – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert
Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
Keep Together – Hunter Hunted
Royals – Lorde
Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

In the News Jackson Cline ‘17

Duolingo Review

Having trouble learning your foreign language? Duolingo can help! Duolingo is a Rosetta Stone-like game that helps users learn the foreign language of their choice. It currently offers French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, and Italian. Sorry to all you Latin takers! In this app, you can level up, lose lives, and subconsciously learn a foreign language. This app is very effective for assisting you with your studies. I use this app to help me with my French, and so far it works superbly.

In the News Jack Sevey ‘80 - Special to the Plank

Where is Jesuit Spirit?

I went to the Jesuit-Folsom football game last night with some Jesuit alumni and a friend of mine who went to a Catholic high school in Southern California. The game was probably the biggest game that Jesuit football has played in years. Number 1 against number 6! The crowd was huge and the Jesuit cheering section was hundreds strong. But there was something seriously lacking.

In the News Brett Soutiere ‘14

Look Away from the Screen and Focus!

A recent discussion in the newspaper office got heated when the topic of which iPad game was most popular on campus. One senior said, “Madden, FIFA, and Deer Hunter are the only games that people here play.”

No matter what games you are playing, one thing that seems to be apparent is the distraction they create during class. Think about any of your classes: What percentage of students are playing games as opposed to taking notes? When asked how often he is on task while using his iPad in class, an anonymous junior, replied, “I am maybe on task 25 percent of the time.”

In the News John Lambert ‘15

More than a Team: Jesuit Football

The Jesuit football team has had one of its hottest starts in the history of the program. With a 7-2 record, following the victory at Sheldon, the playoffs are on the minds of the players and student body. Despite being one of the best teams in the section, the Jesuit football team remains humble, crediting hard work and perseverance as the keys to its success.

In the News Joey Arostegui ‘15

Varsity Soccer Scores Again

The Jesuit Varsity Soccer Team once again remained undefeated in regular season play.

With a record of 23-0-3, Jesuit is regained the NSCAA #1 National Ranking.While this is an impressive feat, our Marauders soccer team is no stranger to success.

Last year the Marauders earned the title of Maxpreps National #1 Team in the entire nation.

In the News John Howe ‘14

Run, Jesuit, Run!

Jesuit’s cross country team has dominated the competition thus far, quickly racing up the ranks. The Marauders started off the year ranked 70th in the state, but after a pivotal win against Del Campo, and other strong victories, they are now ranked 7th in the state.

Every weekend they run 3.1 miles on grass and dirt trails, up and down hills, and on rough terrain. Practice consists of running 8-10 miles everyday during the week.

These gentlemen have been committed since day one and have worked all season to earn their top state ranking.

In the News Tristan Mullany ‘15

Water Polo Swimming Strong

The Jesuit water polo team talent is not to be questioned as the Marauders have won over 73 percent of their games this season, which include the outcomes of games in tournaments. The team has escaped victorious in two noticeable games as they slid away from Gunn in the season opener (17-16) and came out with the win in sudden death OT versus Clovis at the Shmitt tournament (11-10).