Colin Marks ‘23: rising to new heights

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Colin Marks ’23, one of the best volleyball players in the country, has helped propel the Jesuit High School Sacramento volleyball team to new competitive heights over his four years in the program, culminating in the team securing the Division 1 Section title last weekend.

Volleyball teammate Vincent Semon ’23 has witnessed Colin’s dedication to grow the program into the powerhouse it is today.

“Colin is such a great leader,” Vince said. “We were both freshmen on varsity our first year so we were kind of able to grow the program and grow the team together. He’s honestly probably the most into volleyball person I’ve ever met. Even when he’s not on the court, he’s still thinking about volleyball 24/7.”

Vince further appreciates Colin’s leadership methods, crediting him for having raised the bar on expectations. 

“Colin just does a great job of carrying the team and really showing us what the potential is and like with everyone showing up and giving it all they have and the team kinda just follows along,” Vince said. “Colin sets a great example of the kind of mentality that we want as a team and the kind of effort we should be showing on the court.”

Sports Performance Coordinator Coach Jay Nacionales admires what Colin has accomplished in his time at Jesuit and looks forward to seeing what he does in the future.

“He’s reached a lot of the goals that he’s wanted to in life, and I see nothing but the best for him if he continues on that path,” Coach Nacionales said.

Colin’s method of leading by example has positively impacted many in the Jesuit community. 

“What’s more impactful than wins and losses is seeing the growth of these young men,” Coach Nacionales said. “Becoming very responsible, being accountable for their own actions and their own pathway. There’s no reason why [Colin] shouldn’t be playing college athletics; he’s put all the work in.”

Colin enjoys what Jesuit brings in terms of the brotherhood and what it offers to the school community as a whole. 

“The thing I love most about Jesuit is the comradery,” Colin said. “The ability to be able to walk into a sporting event and feel the atmosphere come to life is incredible, to see the brothers there for one another, within every aspect of this school. Teachers and parents play a huge role in this too, showing up when least expected, lighting up the student’s faces, making impacts that last a lifetime!”

Colin will graduate having not only elevated Jesuit volleyball as a national powerhouse, but also having forged and cultivated relationships with his teammates as both a leader and a friend.