Duolingo Review

Plank Article Jackson Cline ‘17

Having trouble learning your foreign language? Duolingo can help! Duolingo is a Rosetta Stone-like game that helps users learn the foreign language of their choice. It currently offers French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, and Italian. Sorry to all you Latin takers! In this app, you can level up, lose lives, and subconsciously learn a foreign language. This app is very effective for assisting you with your studies. I use this app to help me with my French, and so far it works superbly.

The Duolingo website says that about 34 hours of studying with their app is the equivalent to one eleven week semester. I have found that this app is useful for independent study, or just for fun. Although Duolingo won’t be synched up with the vocab you’re learning in your textbook, you just may get ahead of the game. Duolingo is a great free app. I recommend you check it out in the App Store if you get the chance!