Jesuit soccer trains hard, plays hard

Plank Article Jackson Sloat ’23

After a loss in their last game of the regular season against Davis High School, the Jesuit High School Sacramento varsity soccer team looks to regain some momentum in their first game of the playoffs against Rocklin High School.

Alain Pena Garcia ’23 saw the game against DHS as a hard fought loss against a very tough opponent.

“Davis is a big team, and it’s always good to play against big teams, and when you lose, you wanna lose against the great, and Davis is definitely a very good team,” Alain said. “We played a very good match; it was a strong game, between both sides.”

Talbot Carter ’24 is confident in his team and their ability to defeat Rocklin, using the close loss against Davis as a sign of progress and a source of confidence..

“I’m feeling confident,” Talbot said. “I had a good game against Davis, unfortunately we didn’t win, but I see our progress is increasing a lot, so I have confidence going into [Tuesday’s] game.”

Talbot believes the team needs to be working together in order to achieve success against Rocklin High

“Just playing well together,” Talbot said. “Passing the ball well, all contributing, [and] taking every step of it as a team.”

Alain is excited to see how the team will perform against RHS and hopes his team will adapt to the challenging environment of the playoffs.

“We are feeling excited, it’s always good to be in the playoffs, it’s a different mentality, everybody wants to win, but at the end of the day only one can win,” Alain said. “So we are just going to focus, we know we are ranked pretty high, but that doesn’t mean anything, especially in the playoffs, and we are just gonna keep going.”

Jesuit plays today (Feb. 14), at home, against RHS in their first playoff game at 3pm. Alain wants anyone in attendance to bring as much enthusiasm as they can.

“Bring all the energy you guys got,” Alain said. “We wanna win, and we are gonna score some goals; let’s go big red!”