Jesuit Swim team’s first real season in two years

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The Jesuit High School Sacramento swimming season is about to begin on March 2, 2022. The swimming team has gone two years without the opportunity to compete at a high level due to COVID-19, and they’re hoping to make a big splash this season.

The Varsity Swimming Head Coach and Social Science teacher Mr. Michael Solander ’92 describes his hopes for a return to normal a season.

“We will have a true Delta League championship meet, a SJS CIF meet and the CA State meet that we expect to do well at all three meets,” Coach Solander said. “I think a realistic goal is to win the Delta League championship and our 23rd CIF SJS championship in May. It would be great to finish in the top 10 in the state.”

Luke Savinovich ’22 shares his hopes for the team, including the underclassmen who have never experienced swimming at Jesuit before.

“I have high hopes for this team and I am excited for my senior year,” Luke said. “There are a lot of new opportunities that we didn’t get last year unfortunately, but for logical reasons. But I am excited especially for the underclassmen and the kids who have not gotten that experience.”

The widespread hope for this upcoming season is by no means unfounded. Luke shares how the team’s diverse skill set will aid them in competition.

“Our strengths are how versatile we are and how we have people who can do each stroke, each distance,” Luke said. “Especially our underclassmen, we have got a couple key ones who can really show out.”

Henry Adamson ’22, who has committed to swimming at the University of California, Santa Barbara, shares how yet another factor which will help the team is their lack of any significant weaknesses.

“We definitely have strength in numbers. Usually we have a lot of guys come out and swim,” Henry said. “We don’t have weaknesses.”

Coach Solander agrees with Henry’s assessment of the team’s size, and adds how technical skill will bolster the team’s performance as well.

“We have great top end speed along with solid depth in each stroke that will allow us to be very competitive in our league and section,” Coach Solander said. “Our strengths are always in numbers. We expect a team of 65 or more and that can be overwhelming for other teams.”

A team is nothing without players, of course. Henry shares some players who he thinks will contribute a lot to the team.

“I’m pretty excited to watch Jack Kimmelshue ’22 and Brady Calkins ’25,” Henry said. “I think we have a lot of good talent this year and we’ll have a good state team.”

Coach Solander focuses on some upperclassmen that he thinks can be event winners in the upcoming season.

“We have a lot of swimmers that I am excited to see compete with, so I will focus on the upperclassmen,” Coach Solander said. “Keegan Moore ’23, Jack Kimmelshue, Henry Adamson are a few upperclassmen that can be event winners at leagues and the CIF section meet. 

With these talented swimmers, Coach Solander hopes that this season will be even better than the previous one.

“We will be just as good or better than last year,” Coach Solander said. “This team gets an opportunity to go further and I hope they stay focused and do it for themselves and for the alumni that never got the opportunity to compete at the varsity level.”

In a similar vein, Henry looks forward to a more streamlined season.

“This season will run a lot smoother,” Henry said. “There’s not as many COVID restrictions in place this year as there were last year, so hopefully we’ll be able to have meets at some other schools as well as our own.” 

With all the hard work, old talent, and new potential going into the Jesuit swim team this year the upcoming season promises to be the best one yet. The first meet is on March 2, 2022. Go out and support The Marauders!