Kenny Castro ’23: going above and beyond helping others

Plank Article Charley Taylor ’25

Kenny Castro ’23 is widely known as a hard-working leader, who has not only grown in his areas of passion, but grown to be a better person as well. Whether it is his talent in golf, his management of the car club, or his work in photography, Kenny shows people what it means to be a good human, and a role model.

Digital Photography teacher Dr. Katherine Madden first met Kenny when he took freshman photography, and she remembers her first impressions of him.

“I was instantly struck by Kenny’s sincerity, kindness, and creativity,” Dr. Madden said. “He speaks about others with respect and shows great empathy for his peers. He is the oldest of souls and absolutely timeless.” 

Kenny was Dr. Madden’s assistant over the summer at the Jesuit Photography Summer Camp. She sees Kenny’s natural ability to work with people and believes it could benefit him later in life. 

“The kids absolutely adored Kenny and he did a fantastic job instructing them,” Dr. Madden said. “I always tell Kenny that whatever he chooses to do with his life, he will find great success because people just naturally gravitate towards him because of his warmth, sincerity, and enthusiasm.”

Kenny assumed a leadership role at Jesuit by creating the wildly popular Car Club early in his freshman year, and over his tenure as president of the club, he has learned a lot of valuable skills. 

“The Car Club had a great impact on me and my time at Jesuit High School,” Kenny said. “[The club has] taught me to be persistent when planning the car shows for the car club and getting various car events coordinated. Being one of the facilitators for the car club, and retreats, has also taught me to be a leader and not be afraid to ask for help when given challenges.” 

In addition to managing the Car Club, Kenny has learned important lessons from his time playing golf as well. 

“Golf and the Car Club have had a great impact on me and my time at Jesuit High School,” Kenny said. “Golf has taught me to be patient and not give up when I do not play my best.”

Nick Lyons ’23 has been one of Kenny’s closest friends ever since they met in fourth grade. Nick has always seen Kenny’s selflessness and genuine willingness to help others, both of which are exhibited often.

“Although there are countless things that Kenny has done for me and others, there is one thing that really stands out to me,” Nick said. “Every year I organize a fundraiser during Christmas time to raise money to fund research for rare neuroimmune disorders, and every year without me even asking, [Kenny] volunteers to help me out. Ever since seventh grade, he has helped me with this and he always does it with a smile and a passion for the cause that he knows I care about.” 

Going forward in his life, Kenny wants to stay true to his roots and continue the habits he has built in his recent years at Jesuit. 

“I want to keep in contact with as many people as I can at Jesuit, and to leave Jesuit better than it was when I first arrived,” Kenny said. “I have loved my time at Jesuit High School, and will always remember Jesuit and everything it has taught me for the rest of my life.”