Patrick Brannan ’23: taking responsibility for the wellbeing of others

Plank Article Matt Freeman ’25

In his freshman year at Jesuit High School Sacramento, Patrick Brannan ’23 was diagnosed with epilepsy and also fractured one of his legs, but these adversities didn’t stop him from becoming the talented musician and confident leader that he is today.

“Coming into freshman year, I was having some medical issues,” Patrick said. “I had been recently diagnosed with epilepsy and the medication made it hard to think clearly. Just before the year started, I fractured one of my legs and got a boot. For both of these struggles, the band offered me a place where I could recover.”

Instead of dwelling on his medical obstacles, Patrick invested his time and energy in leading the Marching Band and helping students grow their faith by being a part of the senior retreat team (SRT). 

“I am on the instructional team in the Marching Band and have been since sophomore year,” Patrick said. “My role in this is to help teach and refine marching skills to a small ‘unity group’ of students. [As a SRT] leader, I enjoy seeing the progression of skills and characters in those I lead.”

Band teacher Mr. John Cargile believes that Patrick’s leadership has been integral to the band’s success.

“He takes initiative on what needs to be done and motivates his peers towards completion of those tasks,” Mr. Cargile said. “Patrick takes personal responsibility for the success of each rehearsal and performance and works to make sure the band is successful wherever we are.”

Patrick’s participation in Jazz and Marching Band has been a very important part of his growth at Jesuit. Not only has he learned more about music, Patrick has also met some of his closest friends through these programs.

“I do enjoy being in both [Jazz and Marching Band],” Patrick said. “My friends have all become my friends through my participation in these [programs]..” 

One of Patrick’s closest friends in band, Julian Garcia ’23, believes that Patrick is not only an outstanding musician, but also a natural leader who takes initiative.

“Patrick has had a very positive influence on the band,” Julian said. “Being a great musician is not just being a phenomenal player, as Patrick is, but it’s also being able to adapt and learn from your mistakes. That is something Patrick is very good at. He is also a great leader in the band, having stepped up into important roles, like being in charge of the speaker for practice and leading the team to paint the field for practices.” 

When he graduates in the spring, Patrick’s time at Jesuit will be remembered by the way he treated others. 

“Patrick is a very good person,” Julian said. “He is a great friend and really does care about the well being of others.”