Wacky Costume Ideas

Plank Article Riley Spieler ‘17

On Halloween, kids are let loose on the streets to collect candy from strange neighbors they don’t know or talk to for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, in high school, Halloween loses some of its appeal. That is, unless you have a strange costume. So, I’ve compiled three ideas from my own insane imagination, and the internet, to give you some ideas for next year’s Halloween.

1-Dumbledora- A simple costume based on the crazy idea of combining Dora with Dumbledore. You should have a standard Dora wig, a long beard, a pink shirt, orange shorts, a blue backpack, and a stick or wand of some sort. “Come on. Vaminos! Avada-kadavra, let’s go!”

2-Recyco-Man- This costume is eco-friendly. Simply take boxes: whatever you have, whether its soda, chip, cookie, etc. and make arm and leg braces out of them. Next, find an outfit or morph suit that somewhat matches your boxes. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can make a Capri-Sun cape by gluing or stitching together juice pouches. And, voila! You have your own weird superhero made from trash!

3-Rubber Animals- This costume has two pieces: A rubber animal head combined with any suit, bathrobe, or other unusual outfit. If you’re not sure where to find a freakishly realistic rubber animal head, www.mcphee.com has chicken, pig, and squirrel masks, along with the now legendary rubber horse head.