The Wrap: Smooth sailing for the Marauders

Plank Article Nick Ryan ’26

Jesuit High School Sacramento’s win streak continued with a 28-14 home win against Cosumnes Oaks High School on Saturday, Oct. 14. 

After Jesuit deferred the coin toss, COHS received the ball on their 18-yard line, and with five minutes to go in the quarter they got a 33-yard passing touchdown, making the score 7-0. 

On their first possession, Jesuit quarterback C.J. Lee ’24 threw an interception.

To start the second quarter, COHS had a massive run, ending up on the 3-yard line. After a loss of two yards on a running play, COHS ran it in for a touchdown with 10 minutes to go in the second, extending their lead to 14-0.

Jesuit’s offense got on the board when running back Caleb Dixon ’24 ran the ball for 26 yards and a touchdown. Kicker George Hemmen ’24 made the PAT, making it 14-7 with seven minutes to go in the half.

COHS next drive was cut short with an interception by Jesuit free safety Jack Payant ’24. 

Jesuit’s drive started with three running plays by running backs Kayden Flemming ’24 and Johnnie Brannon ’24 that gained Jesuit 43 yards and got them into the red zone with less than a minute left in the first half. 

During a run from running back Drew Vassar ’24, Jesuit fumbled the ball but recovered it on the 2-yard line with two seconds left in the half. But, a pass to Drew on the outside was stopped short, leaving the score 14-7 COHS going into the half. 

Jesuit received the ball at the start of the second half, and they made their way down the field quickly, resulting in a 21 yard touchdown by Johnnie Brannon. Kicker Eric Jensen ’24 made the PAT, making the score 14-14 with ten minutes left in the third quarter.

Jesuit was able to force a punt on COHS’s next drive, thanks in part by a tackle on the QB for a loss of 4 yards on the third down. 

Jesuit responded with a 44-yard touchdown run by Kaydem with five minutes to go in the third. Kicker Colin Davey ’24 made the PAT, giving Jesuit a 21-14 lead. 

Jesuit forced a punt on the next drive by COHS, and Jesuit’s possession ended in a second touchdown by Kayden with two minutes to go in the fourth. Colin made the PAT, giving Jesuit a 28-14 lead.

After another COHS punt, C.J. ran for 10 yards and a touchdown. Colin made the PAT with a minute to go, and the game ended with a score of 35-14 Jesuit. 

C.J. finished the game with 91 passing yards and 76 rushing yards. Johnnie had 111 rushing yards and a reception, as well as a touchdown. Kayden had 105 rushing yards, averaging 15 yards per carry with two touchdowns. Caleb had three receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown. Payant had an interception and two tackles.