Juniors celebrate first on-campus year at Jesuit High School

The class of 2023 had their freshman year cut short by COVID-19 pandemic as well as many having their sophomore year fully digitalized. Now, juniors at Jesuit High School Sacramento are finishing their first full year on campus, enthusiastic to kick off their more normal and surely memorable high school experience.

With a taste of both Zoom and on campus experience, Cy Carpenter ’23 has seen many differences between them.

“[It] feels a lot better [to be learning in person],” Cy said. “I feel like it’s a lot more refreshing [to be] outside and around people and being able to talk with your friends and even meet new people like freshmen and even sophomores you didn’t get to know that much because we were on Zoom.”

COVID-19 restrictions took away important events which limited the social aspect of high school from juniors last year. Lorenzo Crisol ’23 explains his favorite part of his junior year.

“We have more access to events, such as dances, games, football games, and other things to socialize that we didn’t have in the past because of COVID,” Lorenzo said. “I have taken advantage of this opportunity to get the real high school experience instead of being at home and doing homework and other things.”

Kenny Castro ’23 shares this same enthusiasm and all around joy of being back on campus for a full year.

“I personally like being on campus just because I can be closer to my friends and also I feel like I have had a better class experience on campus,” Kenny said. “On Zoom there was always someone on mute, teachers always had to restart lessons, and then it would never go so smoothly whereas in class it’s always good […] and I enjoy it way more.”