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Plank Article Jason Reyna ’20

Seek Discomfort Club

Left to right: Gian Papio ’20, Nick Salonites ’20, and Grant Houle ’20

While many of the clubs at Jesuit High School are based on common interests like video games and music, the Seek Discomfort club defies the normal definition of “club.”

Plank Article Jared Agos ’21

Gym overhaul continues

View of the interior of the Fr. Barry Gymnasium at the Freshman Orientation mass for the class 2023.

Jesuit High School Sacramento students entered the Fr. Barry Gymnasium last fall to find one major change: air conditioning. This was one renovation in a $2.8 million project that will continue and conclude this summer.

Plank Article Matt Parks ’21

Social Justice Summit discusses economic justice

Jesuit High School Educational Technology and Information Commons Director Mr. Jordan Brown talking to students about the "Fundamentals of Economics" in the Phelan Chapel of the North American Martyrs on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

At Jesuit High School Sacramento, it’s an annual tradition to spend a week examining a social justice issue such as mental health or criminal justice. In last week’s Social Justice Summit, students heard a variety of discussions that addressed the realities of economic justice or injustice. 

Plank Article Jaiveer Gahunia ’20

Students donate 46 pints of blood in annual Blood Drive

Student Carter Wink '20 participates in Jesuit's annual Blood Drive.

The Blood Drive is Jesuit High School’s annual tradition of giving blood. This life-saving practice has been at Jesuit for more than 20 years, and its most recent entry was last Thursday, Jan. 16.

This year, Jesuit collectively donated 46 pints of blood. This number is lower than previous years, with last year’s Blood Drive collecting 70 pints of blood. 

Plank Article Matthew Marsh ’20

Renewed emphasis on the Grad at Grad

Three students smiling in formal dress  by the chapel.

For several years at Jesuit High School, the Examen has been a capstone to each afternoon, closing every school day with a reflection rooted in Ignatian spirituality, but this past year, the Daily Examen has seen a change.

In the first reflection of each week, usually a Monday, students are now given a guiding question to direct their daily contemplation. Throughout the week, students are reminded of the guiding question with additional questions that explore the week’s themes.

Plank Article Lincoln Marks ’20

Promoting our ideals

Banner on campus with statement "Developing as a leader".

Looking around the expansive campus of Jesuit High School, students might notice the new signs that decorate the campus, promoting Jesuit’s ideals and identifying specific locations. 

Plank Article Harley Sherman ’22

Glimpse of the Brotherhood

Group of young boys walking on campus and smiling.

Each year, Jesuit High School hosts several Shadow Days that allow potential Jesuit students to “shadow” a current student for a day. Prospective students get a glimpse of what life is like on campus and in the classrooms during a typical school day.

Plank Article James Fahey ’20 Jason Reyna ’20

“Mr. Worldwide”

Amongst being a world traveller and skilled mathematician, Mr. Nicholas Llanos has come to Jesuit High School to bring his active yet relaxed teaching style to the school.

After teaching Integrated Math at Grant High School, Mr. Llanos became dissatisfied with the personal interaction with the district, causing him to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Plank Article Matt Parks ’21

Student Coalition for Equity and Inclusion

Photo of one of the "we are all fellow travelers" poster in window

A major aspect of the Jesuit High School experience is learning how to be “Men For Others.” To this end, students are taught to be leaders and advocates for social justice. The Multicultural Student Union (MSU), which was started last semester to support this mission, looks to continue its work this year.

Plank Article Davis Vann ’20

From Jesuit formation to Jesuit High School

Meet one of Jesuit High School’s newest teachers: Mr. Patrick Brabec. 

Mr. Brabec joined Jesuit’s Theology department this summer, but he joined a department and community that he already knew well. His wife Ms. Sara Brabec is the director of Christian Service and has worked at Jesuit since the fall of 2015.

Plank Article Harley Sherman ’22

Lights. Camera. Dance!

Packed room of co-ed high school students in dress clothes, smiling and laughing.

Jesuit High School’s annual Homecoming Dance is on Saturday, Oct. 5. This Homecoming will be the first formal dance for the freshmen, an important moment in the beginning of their high school career.

Plank Article Matthew Marsh ’20 Gage Biery ’20

Night to Remember
Freshman Focus

A view from the back of processing fathers with "Frosh Overnight" on the screen in front.

The Frosh Overnight is the start of every student’s experience at Jesuit High School. The weekend of Aug. 24 saw the class of 2023 begin their high school journeys in the 31st annual Freshman Overnight Retreat.

The focus of the retreat is, of course, on the freshmen, but it could not happen without the participation of the senior Big Brothers. Having already experienced the retreat, the Big Brothers accompany the freshman class as they begin their time at Jesuit.