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Plank Article Andrew Maulino ’24

Jesuit Rovotics Team works hard, takes international win

While many students were enjoying the start of summer vacation, the Jesuit High School, Sacramento Rovotics team (Jesuit’s Robotics team company) defeated an international group of high schools and universities at the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) International Underwater Robotics Competition in Long Beach, California. The team’s thorough preparations last year helped them secure their victory and continue the hard work for this year’s competition.

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Jesuit students represent the school in Washington D.C. at Ignatian Family Teach-in

Jesuit High School Sacramento students took a trip to Washington D.C. for the annual Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice that took place at the Washington Hilton Hotel throughout the weekend of Nov. 6. 

The group of nine students made the 2,500 mile trip with the objective of increasing their understanding of justice while also perpetuating it. While on the trip, the students visited historical museums, took part in a night protest, and spent time at the National Mall.

Plank Article Cole Beckman ’22 Oliver Leinberger ’23

Ms. Windi Mitchell Returns to Jesuit as a Theology and World Religions Teacher

Ms. Windi Mitchell is not new to the faculty at Jesuit High School Sacramento, she previously worked at Jesuit in 2017-2019 before returning to Jesuit for the 2021-22 school year. Ms. Mitchell has a lengthy history of working with Jesuit institutions as a coordinator for Service and Justice, a theology teacher, and a Jesuit volunteer. 

Plank Article Marcos Lopez ’23

Jesuit works to make freshman transition smooth despite COVID-19 challenges

Making the transition from middle school to high school has always been an integral part of a student’s growth. Jesuit High School Sacramento goes to great lengths to make this transition for freshmen as easy as possible. 

Coming off of a year that saw a global pandemic limit campus and community life, Dean LaRoddric Theodule is looking to improve and reinvigorate the campus, starting with the freshmen. Dean Theodule explains how the Freshman Retreat was an integral part of the freshmen’s development at Jesuit. 

Plank Article Matthew Herold ’22

Veterans Appreciation Club Gives Back to Vets in our Community

The Veterans Appreciation Club is one of the several new clubs this year at Jesuit High School Sacramento.

The club was founded by William Ruggles ’22 to focus attention on veterans in our community and to donate needed goods to local military hospitals. William was inspired to start a club focused on giving back to veterans because of his own family’s military history, which goes back several generations.

Plank Article Oliver Leinberger ’23

Jesuit technology team and buildings and grounds crews played a major role in stopping the floods

An intense storm brought power outages, flooding, and the cancellation of classes on Monday, Oct. 25 at Jesuit High School Sacramento. Through a lot of hard work and dedication from Jesuit’s Technology Office and our Buildings and Ground crews, the school was able to invite students back to campus the next day. 

Many staff members, one being Plant Manager Paul Speers, played a major role in stopping the floods and finding a way to turn the power back on. He explains what happened when the issue started and what they did to fix it. 

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Ms. Hilary Ahl uses her expertise to help Jesuit students in the Academic Support Center

The newest addition to the Jesuit High School Sacramento Academic Support Center this year is Ms. Hilary Ahl, the new Assistant of the Academic Support Center. 

Before coming to Jesuit, Ms. Ahl had her own tutoring business where she helped students of all ages in math, science, and SAT prep. She found it very satisfying to see growth in students from not being well organized to finding a focus. 

Plank Article Oliver Leinberger ’23

Jesuit works to give students opportunities to build community

After being unable to fully come back to campus during the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19, students at Jesuit High School Sacramento returned this year to fully in-person activities with an eager desire to come together and grow the relationships they have formed in the Jesuit community. 

As students adjust to in-person learning and activities this school year, one of the most important aspects Jesuit has been focusing on is building community and coming together to form new relationships.