Ms. Emma Doerfler contributes to Jesuit environment with her kindness and patience

Andrew Maulino ’24

In the classrooms of Garnier Hall, Ms. Emma Doerfler can be found teaching English to freshmen and sophomores. She has been a teacher at Jesuit High School Sacramento for two years now, instructing English 1 and English 2, and has also been involved with the Cross Country team.

Ms. Doerfler was drawn specifically to Jesuit because of her wonderful experiences at her previous Jesuit school, Georgetown University.

“I went to a Jesuit college and I really liked Jesuit’s spirituality,” Ms. Doerfler said. “I really admired my teachers there, too, and so I wanted to work at a Jesuit High School.” 

Ms. Doerfler came to Jesuit last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although she had a start that she would have never expected due to distance learning and restrictions in person, Ms. Doerfler has come to really enjoy and embrace her experiences here and within the Jesuit community.

“It’s been interesting because I started teaching at Jesuit during the pandemic so it’s been a little bit different, but I really appreciate this year getting to know students better and getting to know the school community better,” Ms. Doerfler said. “I think the highlight of me being here would be just the community of students and their sense of humor, even during challenging times. Just the way that they make school a fun place to be.”

Frank Valencia ’24, in Ms. Doerfler’s English 2 class, has had great experiences with her and really enjoys the way she teaches her class.

“She’s a good teacher and she’s really nice,” Frank said. “I like how she actually gives us time to do our assignments. When we need help on our essays or other assignments, she’ll help us out and write comments on what we need to work on.”

David Ramos ’25, in Ms. Doerfler’s English 1 class, also shares his enjoyment of her class.

“She teaches very well,” David said. “She [teaches] at a nice pace: not fast, not slow. I think she’s a good teacher. She provides lots of examples, which I do enjoy. She’s prepared us a lot for all of our upcoming assignments, especially for essays.”

During Cross Country, Nicholas Contreras ’24, who is in the same training group as Ms. Doerfler, appreciates how she leads by example and is such a benevolent person to all.

“She’s a new coach this year, so it’s my first time seeing her,” said Nicholas. “She’s very motivational and always helps me to run my best. She’s also a very good role model for all of the running students. I never see her walking, she runs the entire time. She inspires us to be our best running selves.”

Ms. Doerfler has made many memories and gained lots of experiences throughout her time working here at Jesuit. She sees a vivid future here at Jesuit and is eager to keep doing what she loves most here.

“I hope to keep teaching here, and get to know the school better,” Mrs. Doerfler said. “I help with the Cross Country team and hope to keep doing that, as well.” 

Ms. Doerfler has been inspired by her former Jesuit schooling and made it to the place she wanted to be teaching. A new journey has opened up for her here at Jesuit filled with many fun memories for her to make.