Upcoming Father Son Mass seeks to strengthen parental bonds

The Father Son Mass is an upcoming event at Jesuit High School Sacramento that will be held on Feb. 6 at 10 a.m. in the Phelan Chapel of the North American Martyrs. Following the mass, there will be a reception with coffee and donuts hosted by the Loyola Guild.

According to Father McGarry S.J., this upcoming mass has traditionally been an opportunity for fathers and sons to acknowledge their relationship.

“The Father Son Mass is a long standing tradition here at Jesuit,” Fr. McGarry said. “The purpose is to give fathers and sons an opportunity to come and celebrate their relationship, their love for each other, in the context of celebrating the mass.”

This celebration of fathers and sons has many benefits. Father Engebretson S.J. believes one of these benefits to be the opportunity for the student body to show appreciation to their dads for sending them to Jesuit.

“I think that Jesuit High School should be an important part of your faith, and this is an opportunity to invite your dad into the experiences that you’re having at Jesuit High School, and a way of saying ‘thanks for sending me here.’” Fr. Engebretson said.

Fr. McGarry added that the mass continues to be held year after year because it strengthens the relationship between fathers and sons, a relationship that is vital during these formative high-school years.

“So much about our lives is about the importance of relationships,” Fr. McGarry said. “We learn from each other and we grow from being in relationships together. Fathers, sons, parents, that relationship is key during the high school years and I think that it’s our tradition at our school to foster that relationship and good communication.”

Attendance is free, but sons and father-figures interested are asked to RSVP and register for the mass here to help Jesuit monitor capacity.