Academic Support Center Brochure
More about the goals, services and components of ASC

Image of ASC director assisting a group of students at a table.


Students will:

  • Begin to understand their individual and unique strengths and challenges
  • Learn to utilize strategies to achieve academic success
  • Utilize school and community based resources for additional academic support
  • Understand the importance of self-advocacy and communication


Students with documented learning differences and/or AD/HD and autism have the opportunity to work closely with the Academic Support Center staff.

Academic Support Center provides:

  • Creation of an individual Academic Support Plan based upon the student’s educational documentation (preferably a psycho-educational assessment)
  • Goal setting and academic planning
  • Connection of students with faculty and peer tutors for academic support
  • Coordination of academic accommodations such as extended time for testing, testing in a less distracting environment, and preferential seating (additional accommodations can be requested after consultation with the director of Academic Support)
  • Information to students and parents regarding extended time testing for college admissions (SAT/ACT)
  • Instruction for students in study skills and executive skill development
  • Referrals to outside agencies
  • Consultations with parents as needed

Program Eligibility is Based Upon Diagnosed:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Processing Speed Deficits
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)
  • Autism
  • Physical, medical needs
  • Vision/Hearing impairment
  • Additional support services on a case by case basis

If you are interested in obtaining services for your student, please contact the director of the Academic Support Center.


LD and AD/HD Support

In order to receive program services, parents must provide educational documentation to the Academic Support director and registrar/ Admissions. Documentation may include
a full psycho-educational evaluation, IEP,
504 Plan, and/or diagnosing information from a physician.

Students with educational documentation can access academic support during their FLEX period or work on their own in a positive learning environment. Direct assistance may include help with organization, planning, grade monitoring, study skills, and/or subject area tutoring.

Students on academic probation may be assigned a directed study period in the Academic Support Center during their FLEX period for direct progress monitoring.

Peer Tutoring/Mentoring

California Scholarship Federation students are available during the day in the library for additional tutoring.

Introduction Meeting

The Academic Support Center director meets with all entering families to create an Academic Support Plan and orient families to program services in August.


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