Camp Marauder – Terms and Conditions


The policies below apply to Camp Marauder and Camp Marauder Jr. only. For information regarding policies related to High School Level Credit Classes, Academy Camps and Sports Camps, please refer to those specific program policies. 


Conflict Resolution / Communication


Consistent, timely, and open communication among teachers, students, and parents is essential to supporting students along their journey while partnering with parents, the student’s primary educators. Jesuit High School utilizes various communication platforms that support quality communication (see the Academics section of our Student Parent Handbook for more details about these platforms) though email is the primary means of direct communication. Inevitably, situations arise where greater clarity is needed or where a conflict arises that requires resolution among the school, the parents, and the student. In order to promote consistent communication, to allow decisions and situations to be resolved at the proper level, and to promote the development of quality communication skills for students, Jesuit implements the following process for communication and conflict resolution. In almost all instances, Jesuit asks that students are the first to communicate with a teacher/coach/moderator when there is a need for a resolution, clarification, or further dialogue. If the student does not feel the question or concern is resolved as a result of the initial outreach, the student’s parents should reach out to the teacher/ coach/ moderator. Jesuit High School realizes that some students may need extra support in crafting a message or preparing to talk to a teacher/ coach/ moderator and we encourage parents to work with their sons if needed. In other cases, it may be necessary for a parent to reach out first if the circumstances require. In these cases, it is important for parents to note the circumstances preventing the initial student initiated contact. If, after the student and the parents have attempted to find a resolution through direct contact with the appropriate teacher/ coach/ moderator, then we ask that the parent contact the Office for Summer Programs. If a family does not attempt to find resolution with the appropriate person at the proper level, the school will ask that this inquiry be redirected before being considered by the supervisor. The school also realizes that there are times when the concern or conflict requires that the supervisor is contacted first. In these cases, it is important for the student or parent to note the circumstances preventing the initial communication to the teacher/ coach/ moderator. For the full policy, please review our Student Parent Handbook and refer to pages 39-40.


Tuition  /  Refund / Cancelation Policy


Tuition is due in full by May 30th and should be paid online by logging on to the registration portal at

Students / families who have not made their full tuition payment by May 30th can be dropped from the camp roster and will not be permitted to attend the orientation or the first day of camp. Every attempt will be made in good faith via email and phone to communicate and assist parents / guardians prior to the start of classes to remedy any discrepancies or non-payment status. If you choose a multiple automatic payment option where your credit card is charged on April 30th and May 30th, we will honor that arrangement. Exceptions are subject to approval by the Director for Summer Programs  Please contact the Office for Summer Programs if you have questions regarding this requirement. We are happy to help. 


Financial aid for Camp Marauder and Camp Marauder Jr. is available and applications are accepted until May 1st.  No late applications will be considered. Requests will remain confidential. To apply, please complete the Camp Marauder Tuition Assistance Form on the registration portal. 


Refunds of tuition paid can be awarded depending on the timing of the request. Requests must be submitted by a parent or guardian listed on the original registration forms in writing via email to 

Cancellation requests submitted by a student only will not be considered. The time and date stamp on the emailed request will be used to determine refund eligibility. Jesuit High School is not responsible for technology issues or delays related to refund requests. 


If a request to cancel for registration in Camp Marauder or Camp Marauder Jr.  is received prior to the first day of the camp, the family is eligible for a 100% refund of the tuition fees paid to date. The registration fee is not refundable. 


If a request to cancel for registration in Camp Marauder or Camp Marauder Jr.  is received after  the first day of the camp, the family is not eligible for a refund. 


Students dismissed from a summer program are not eligible for a refund. The refund policy for all Summer Programs is interpreted and administered at the discretion of the Director of Summer Programs. 


Jesuit High School reserves the right to cancel a course or camp for any reason including but not limited to low enrollment in a particular section, inclement weather or hazardous conditions. Students and families would be eligible for a full refund back to the payment method used at the time of registration. In this scenario, the family will be contacted via email and a response requested.