Jesuit High School Educational Philosophy Statement


“The educational philosophy of Jesuit High School is Catholic and, therefore it is based on a faith response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; it is Jesuit and, therefore it is formed by Ignatius of Loyola’s vision of Christ and the world. The school’s purpose is to lovingly serve the young men of the wider Sacramento area, from every ethnic and socio-economic background and a broad spectrum of academic achievement. Our role, in support of parents as primary educators, is to help our students realize the fullness of their spiritual, intellectual, artistic, physical, and social potential. The spiritual dimension of the students development is fostered through their incorporation into a community where Catholic beliefs, morals and values, inspired by faith in the Gospel and a belief in the full brotherhood / sisterhood of the human family, are taught, professed and experienced, and where personal action is proposed as a response.

The intellectual dimension is developed through a curriculum which is oriented towards college-bound students and an environment which fosters academic excellence, nurturing reflective analysis and creative expression. The students are encouraged to develop their artistic and affective nature through exposure to and participation in the Fine Arts. Thus they come to an appreciation of the creative Spirit which is within and around them. The students should learn to respect and care for their bodies as gifts from God. Thus, the physical education requirements, the intramural and the interscholastic athletic programs are an integral part of the total curriculum. In response to the Gospel message, all members of the Jesuit High School family, that is parents, faculty, administrators, staff and students, share in the mission of nurturing in each other the social skills and cultural awareness necessary for Christian community. This is accomplished through the school s various activities and events, especially those which stress community outreach and personal interaction. In this way, all are encouraged to address the social needs and injustices in the world around us. Therefore, all the young men who enroll in Jesuit High School are encouraged to use their spiritual gifts, intellectual talents, artistic qualities, and physical abilities to be of help to those they encounter. Ultimately, the students are to be “agents for change,” “men for others.”