Summer School FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Virus Mitigation / Safe Return to Campus

What virus mitigation protocols will be in place to keep my student safe? 

Jesuit has been a leader in the safe return to school since fall 2020. Following an approved Safe Return Plan, under the guidelines set forth by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and County of Sacramento, Jesuit maintains stringent virus mitigation to return to the classroom in a manner that is both safe for students, as well as faculty and staff.  The goal for summer programs is to continue our safety protocols while achieving as much normalcy as possible. Jesuit will continue to be nimble and flexible, responding to any and all modifications in order to adhere to COVID guidelines. Jesuit will also maintain fluid communication with participants to keep everyone updated on adjustments and modifications. 

Jesuit will continue to follow virus mitigation and safety protocols throughout the summer. Measures that will be taken include: daily symptom checks, mandate masks be worn on campus, facilitate space to maintain six feet of physical distance, ensure ventilated classrooms, offer outdoor dining and non-class time space, as well as respond professionally and promptly to any cases that arise. Your student’s  safety is paramount to Jesuit faculty and staff and we will be working continuously to do what is necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy. Click here to review Jesuit High School’s Safe Return Plan.  

During the school year, Jesuit students were screened for COVID-19 at regular intervals in order to learn in-person on campus. Will Jesuit continue its rapid-antigen screening program for in-person learning during the summer? 

No. At this point we anticipate students being able to attend classes and summer programs on campus in a safe manner by implementing physical distancing, sanitation, mask-wearing and symptom checks. 

What happens if residents of Sacramento County are placed back into a “Stay at Home Order”? Will classes and camps be moved to an online format? Am I eligible for a refund for canceling my registration if this occurs?

Our focus for this program is to offer quality instruction while maintaining the safety of all students and staff members. If a stay at home order is mandated at any point during summer programs, classes will be moved to an online format. Jesuit will make every effort to maintain classes in an in-person format, however we will follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and Sacramento County. This has been our reality this past year – switching modalities when needed — and our faculty is well-versed in teaching both in-person and online. We feel confident that any necessary transitions will be made smoothly and quickly as they were at the start of the pandemic. Some camps and classes cannot be offered in an online format due to the complexity of the material being presented. If a camp or class cannot be transitioned to an online format, the camp or class will be cancelled. In this scenario, families will be contacted via email. Students who are registered for a camp or class that has not begun will be offered a full refund. Students who are registered for a camp or class that is in-progress will be offered a pro-rated refund. The refund would be calculated based on the number of days of participation prior to the start of the “Stay at Home Order.” 

Online and In-Person Classes

Will classes and camps be held in person?

Yes! For the majority of camps and classes, Jesuit is planning to offer in-person, on-campus experiences for the summer of 2021. For those that prefer to learn online, there will be select offerings that will be held completely virtually via Zoom and online content.  It should be noted, there will be no dual delivery. In other words, students who choose to be in-person for a class will be 100% in-person for the entire duration of the class and cannot go online during the course at any time and vice versa. For example: on the registration site, you will see a US History class (in-person) and a US History class (online) You will need to choose one option or the other.

I noticed that some high school academic classes are offered in person or online. Can my student switch back and forth between in person and online classes? Can I register for both?

No. As noted in the previous question, once classes start on June 9th, students are set in that class and in that format (online or in-person.) Whichever option they choose, will be the one they are expected to continue for the duration of the class. There will be no switching back and forth between in-person or online, unless mandated by the county or state. Do not register for both. Choose the modality that will work best for the student. Whether online or in-person, all classes will be taught by Jesuit teachers. No classes will be outsourced to other schools.

What if my student is registered for an in-person class and we want to take a vacation? Can my student just attend virtual classes while we are out of town? Can they just be absent and make up the work later?

No. The attendance policy for summer school allows one absence per semester. Summer school moves too fast and covers too much information in a short amount of time that students should not plan to miss any days, if possible.  Missing a day of class is comparable to missing a week of instruction in a regular school semester. Vacations should be scheduled before or after summer school, as there is no option to switch from in-person to online after starting a class in-person to accommodate travel.

I noticed that the class we’re interested in is offered both in-person or online. We’re thinking about the online option but I want to make sure that it’s a good fit for my student. How do the online and in-person classes work?

The school day will run from 8:00a to 1:00p for both in-person and online credit courses. In-Person classes will remain on-campus and be structured as we would any other year: the school day will consist of lecture and instruction; periods where students work on in-class activities and class discussions; lab activities for science courses and breaks each hour. Online courses are conducted similarly to in person classes, however we will use a mix of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) sessions. For synchronous sessions: students are required to attend and be prompt for daily multiple scheduled meetings with their classes and be active students during the school day. Students are required to be on camera and able to answer questions verbally for the entire session. Attendance will be taken at synchronous sessions. Asynchronous sessions: students will work independently on activities and assignments, as specified by the instructor. The teachers will go over this with students in detail to be sure the expectations are clear.  Students will begin and end each school day with a synchronous session. The amount of time required and homework given is similar for both in-Person and online classes. Both delivery methods will be taught by Jesuit faculty through Jesuit High School.

Preparation, Materials and Technology

Is there an orientation for high school level classes?

Yes. During the week prior to the start of class, each teacher will hold a Parent/Student orientation Zoom meeting. We will notify registered students and parents via email. These sessions will be recorded and made available by request to registered students. 

Is there an orientation for The Marauder Seminar class?

Yes. During the week prior to the start of class, each teacher will hold a Parent/Student orientation Zoom meeting. We will notify registered students and parents via email. These sessions will be recorded and made available by request to registered students. 

What are the technology requirements for online classes?

Students are expected to have a desktop computer or laptop or tablet with an internet connection strong enough to smoothly stream video and audio. Momentary service disruptions are possible and understandable but extended service problems can affect a student’s success in the course. Some teachers utilize apps and services to administer tests and quizzes where the camera is not available simultaneously. Some students may choose to use their phone to “be on camera” and a tablet or computer for their work with online apps and platforms. Please visit our “Requirements for Distance Learning” page on our website by clicking here

Is there a textbook required for the class?

Most courses require a textbook. The textbook list is available by clicking here.  Textbooks should be purchased using the online vendor of your choice. Be sure to search for the ISBN number for the required book(s) to be sure that the correct item is purchased. Students are required to have the textbook in their possession for the first day of class. Please be careful to pay attention to shipping times and order processing times when ordering textbooks. Some websites may show a rapid shipping time but may not mention a 7-10 day order processing time. Some used copies of textbooks may be available. We do our best to minimize costs whenever possible. Jesuit High School does not provide the textbooks for Summer courses. 

How will the teacher distribute materials to students?

Some teachers may choose to use Google Classroom to communicate and distribute materials. Each teacher will provide instruction about how to use any required platform. Students are responsible for all information communicated using these platforms. Please review the syllabus provided by the teacher for more information. 

Attendance and Accommodations

What are the attendance guidelines? What do I do if my son/daughter is ill and unable to attend?

Students are allowed a maximum of 2 absences total for a full year course and 1 absence for a semester course. If a student is going to be absent, the parent should call the attendance line (916) 480-2135 and leave a message by 9:00AM to report the absence. If a student is absent and the parent has not reported the absence, the parent will receive a phone message to help ensure that they are aware of the absence. Refer to the class syllabus for the teacher’s policies regarding make-up work and absences. The teacher’s contact information via email will be listed in the class syllabus as well.

How much time does a high school level credit course require? How much homework should my son/daughter expect?

Summer school courses operate at an accelerated pace compared to the regular school year. Students should also expect 1-3 hours of homework everyday depending on the student’s study habits and time management skills.

What if my son/daughter has an IEP or 504 plan? What accommodations are available?

With the fast pace of these classes and the limitations that the schedule presents, accommodations are a challenge. We may be able to offer extended time testing for final exams to those students who submit their IEP or 504 documentation. Documents should be uploaded to the student’s profile in the registration portal. 

Class Format, Grading, Course Credits

Will there be tests? Final Exams?

Yes. There will be assessments throughout the course including a final exam each semester. Teachers will specify in their syllabus any expectations for testing.

How does grading work?

All credit courses will use a standard grading system. There is not a pass/fail option. Grade reports are sent at the quarter and semester via email to the student and the parent. 

When do courses begin and end?

Full year course (2 semesters): June 9, 2021 – July 16, 2021

One Semester course: June 9, 2021 – June 25, 2021

Does my student’s class really start on a Wednesday?

Yes. Please pay close attention to the start dates for each course. Many credit courses begin on Wednesday, June 9th. This was done to accommodate some public schools where the regular school year’s classes end on Tuesday, June 8th. Classes meet Monday through Friday (except July 5th.)

How do the students communicate with the teacher?

Students will be issued a Jesuit gmail account and are responsible for all of the information communicated to them using this email account. The account log-in and password will be sent out to the family email address during the two weeks prior to the start of class. 

Students are highly encouraged to log-in to this account as soon as the credentials are received in order to have a chance to troubleshoot if necessary. The first email the students will see is a Student Behavior Contract that will include a google form to complete that shows that the student has read and understands the expectations set by Jesuit High School. (We do this to help make sure that the student is able to successfully log on to their email and utilize google forms.) Students should use this email account when communicating with their teacher.

Do students have July 5th off?

Yes. There are no classes held on July 5th. 

I have questions about my son/daughter’s academic performance in their class. Who should I contact?

Please contact your son/daughter’s teacher via email. The email address is available on the syllabus distributed to students on the first day of classes. Contact the summer school office at if you need assistance obtaining a teacher’s contact information.

How do I request a transcript?

Transcripts are automatically sent to the student’s current school at the end of the course. There is no need to request that a transcript be sent. A parent can request that their student’s transcript not be sent by visiting our website at before 12 midnight on Wednesday, July 21st. Transcripts are mailed out to schools on Thursday, July 22nd and are not available prior to that date. 

Are these courses UC approved?

Yes. Jesuit High School is a college preparatory high school. All of the credit courses are UC a-g approved.

Are these courses NCAA approved?



I have registered my student for the requested class. What else do I need to do to be ready for the first day of class?

1. The textbook list is posted to our website and can be viewed by clicking here. Please allow for processing and shipping time when ordering the textbook. Students are required to have the textbook in their possession on the first day of class to ensure a successful start to their summer class. 

2. Please open the email that we will send out to the family email address (arriving approximately 1 week prior to class starting). This will contain your student’s Jesuit gmail log-in and password. For current Jesuit students: please continue to use your Jesuit email account. 

3. This email will also contain an invitation to attend a Student/Parent orientation session online on Zoom. During this session, the teachers will go over the class schedule, etiquette during classes, goals for their class and other useful information. If you are unable to attend this session, don’t worry! We’ll record it and make it available upon request. 

What if I have already registered and I want to make changes to the classes that my student is registered for? Can I make changes online?

No. If you need to change or cancel a camp, please send us an email at We’ll contact you and we are happy to help. 

When does registration close for academic classes?

Registration is available for classes with open seats up to the Monday before classes begin. If a class is closed, we will take names on the waiting list. Please check the registration page on the website for the most up-to-date information regarding closed classes and waiting lists.

I’ve already registered. When will I know if my son/daughter is confirmed in the class?

Class confirmations for students who register by May 1st will be sent out via email on May 6th. It is not possible to confirm a students’ enrollment in a class prior to this date. It is highly recommended that Textbook orders be made as soon as students are confirmed in their class.

What are my student’s chances of getting into the class requested?

We do our very best to accept all students while still maintaining good teacher/student ratios and high quality instruction. Over the past few years, we have not had to turn students away but each year is different. It really just depends on enrollment.

Can a student audit a class?

Yes. Basically, the student experience is the same. The student would still be issued grades and would have to meet course requirements but could choose to not have the transcript sent to their current school. (see “How to request a transcript?” listed above.) This is especially helpful if a student is struggling in a class. The student can remain in the course and benefit from the material but choose to not report their grades to their current school.  

Do we ever cancel courses for low enrollment?

Yes. We have minimum enrollment requirements. If a course is cancelled due to low enrollment you will receive a full refund. In this scenario, the family will be contacted via email and a response requested. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

When is tuition due?

Please visit for course and tuition amounts. If you chose a multiple automatic payment option where your credit card is charged on April 30th and May 30th, we will still honor that arrangement. Tuition is due in full by May 30th and should be paid online by logging on to the registration portal at

What payment options do we accept?

We accept credit card payments via the registration portal listed above. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, please contact us at 

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid for the high school program is only available for Jesuit students. To apply, please contact us via email at We will send you an application. You should register your student for the class and only pay the mandatory registration fee.

Do I have to wait until course confirmations are sent out to pay tuition?

No. If you did not choose an “automatic payment” plan, you will need to return to the summer school site and log into your summer school account to make the tuition balance payment by May 30. Feel free to pay the tuition any time before May 30. Refunds can be made available at the discretion of the Director of Summer Programs.

If I pay the tuition now, does it guarantee a spot in the class?

No. Jesuit Students have priority registration until May 1. At that time, the Jesuit students will be placed in their classes. Then, all other students will be placed in the order that they registered. We would prefer to expand the course offerings and add classes rather than turn any students away.

What if I have already registered and I want to make changes to my payment plan? Can I make changes online?

No. If you need to change or cancel a camp, please send us an email at We’ll contact you and we are happy to help. 

Can I drop a course after it starts? What are the refund policies?

Prior to the 1st day of classes: full tuition refund

6/9-6/11 (first Friday): 50 percent of tuition refunded

After 6/11: no refund

Students dismissed from a summer program are not eligible for a refund. The Director of Summer Programs has the final say regarding the refund policy. 

I have questions about which classes would be best for my son who will be a freshman in the fall. Whom do I ask?

Please contact our Director of Admissions, Matthew Ramos at We are happy to discuss your son’s requirements and help answer any questions that you may have.